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  • This was clearly made by a white tourist that is clearly not from New York. Only those kind of people think that all New Yorkers have accents thicker than Kim Kardashian’s fake ass. Damn, what a shame.

    AYEOOOO Jan 7 '19, 12:00AM
  • I live in Atlanta but I got 50% of my family in NYC I love NYC and I'm starting to talk like I'm from NYC and people starting to say it cause Atlanta have their particular accent I do love the way nycers talk but I ain't tryna front to folks so is it wierd

    Macho400 Dec 26 '15, 4:26AM
  • Somewhat I'm from ca

    Etini Oct 30 '15, 10:46PM
  • Your Result: Somewhat 84%
    You are not from New York City, but you may be from the Northeast. Maybe your not from New York City, maybe just upstate. Well, keep working on it... you know you want to. (I LOVE NY)

    This quiz was right, I am from Sauquoit, NY, which is in New York state, but not from New York City. My Grandpa is from New York City, and I can tell with some of these quistions it would really sound like how he talks!

    Aprilmonth Feb 14 '15, 6:34PM
  • it said i'm from upstate NY and i'm the bronx i call bull

    annyeong Sep 28 '14, 5:15PM
  • I got No and well I'm from CA so I guess that was the right result for me

    Neena Sep 4 '14, 1:23PM
  • Shut up I'm from brooklyn now Staten Island and I do have an accent believe me

    Kittysasha2000 Jul 21 '14, 10:22PM
  • So wrong and so stereotypical. I was born and raised in Manhattan. My Dad was born in Manhattan and lived there for more than 40 years.Lived in NYC for the first 30 yrs of my life and then the rest in the 'burbs while working in Manhattan. This quiz says I am definitely NOT from NYC but probably nearby. Sorry...we don't all say deze, dems, and doze or Joizy.

    citygirl Sep 29 '13, 10:45AM
  • there is no New York City accent I've lived in NYC my whole life there is however A Bronx/Brooklyn accent which are boroughs in NYC

    NYCkidd Apr 13 '13, 11:15AM
  • Why did i write nealy the same comment as last i think im going mad...

    Lavender Jan 3 '13, 3:08PM
  • I got a New york accent how come???!?!?! Im from england born in poland!!! So how come i got an New york accent???!?!?! I'll try to calm down.......

    Lavender Jan 3 '13, 3:07PM
  • WTF! It said i got an New york accent!! Im from London! Born in Poland! How on earth???!?!?!?! I'll try to calm down...

    Lavender Jan 3 '13, 3:05PM
  • i got somewhat, and i live like an hour and a half away from nyc... (still new york state though)

    Sports19 Aug 14 '12, 6:18PM
  • FYI: It's "You're not cool" and NOT "your not cool. It's not cool to design a quiz with improper grammar.

    cheerio892 Jul 30 '12, 8:29AM
  • well that was pointless for me 2 take since im from louisaina ya

    a girl Jun 1 '12, 11:17PM
  • Hey, I was born in NYC, Liar!

    babymuffinsXD Apr 1 '12, 9:30AM
  • I'm not from upstate NY or NYC. I'm from long island (aka; NY island)! Is my home fogotten?!? DURRR *sob*

    kittykit Feb 19 '12, 3:15PM
  • I am born, reared, and educated in NYC. Left at age 22. This "so called" New York accent that the quiz reflects is a dialect spoken by lazy, less well educated persons who ignored the subject "english" in grade school or, were taught by teachers who spoke poor english. ...My opinion. Away from NYC my accent is heard as NY or east coast.

    lolly72 Jan 31 '12, 10:59AM
  • i got!!!!!! i mean what the hell!!!! I'M FROM NY!!!!!!!!!!!

    WolfGirl122 Dec 12 '11, 5:19PM
  • I got "Umm, no."

    I would just like to say, wtf, because I'm from Central NY. xD

    skype Jun 8 '11, 7:33PM
  • I got: SOMEWHAT!

    It's quite funny you're all saying that you're not from New York you're from Brooklyn or Boston or New Jersey. I'm not even from the USA or America. I'm thousands of miles from New York. I'm from London! I say a few words I guess in a New York accent but it's how I naturally talk. According to some of my "class-mates" I speak very posh.

    MiSs_CrImInAl Feb 12 '11, 9:12PM
  • I'm from Brooklyn (born and raised) but my score was "somewhat accent". Don't know why... maybe cause I have a more latina accent?

    bkbaby7 Dec 28 '10, 11:37PM

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