Do you hate Miley Cyrus??

There are many miley haters,but only few true haters.Miley is,after all,quite an annoying person.What is a miley hater?A miley hater is someone who thinks she should die.Are you one of these so called "miley hater"

Are you a Miley hater?Do you have the hating power to qualify for that awsome title?Until now you could only hate.But now you can truly know if you hate her!!!Mwahahaha!!

Created by: Logan
  1. If you had a chance to meet her how would you react?
  2. Do you know what her real name is?
  3. What do you say about those naked pictures of her?
  4. Did you see the American Idol where she was singing the Climb and messed up trying.
  5. What would you say if Miley Cyrus was on top of the Empire State Building?
  6. Do you think Disney should have hired Miley?
  7. Do you think Miley Cyrus is a prego?
  8. I just killed Miley...
  9. Im just joking about the last thing.
  10. What are those more important issues?
  11. Yeah lets chuck some food at Miley.
  12. Yeah lets go eat some food.

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Quiz topic: Do I hate Miley Cyrus??