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  • At the moment...
    Love Profusion - Madonna
    Hearts a Mess - Gotye
    Where did the Beat Go - P!nk
    Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
    This is What Makes us Girls - Lana Del Rey
    Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine
    Blinding - Florence + the Machine
    Over the Love - Florence + the Machine
    Back to Black - Beyonce & Andre 3000
    Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Remix) - Coldplay
    Charlie Brown - Coldplay
    What I Wouldn't Give - Holly Brook
    I love Alternative music, btw. c; Cute quiz!

  • I like a lot of songs and I don't have a favorite but these are just some songs. I like any song by One Direction, What hurts the most by Rascal Flatts, Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade, I'm Only Me When I'm With You, Mine, You Belong With Me, Love Story, and Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift, Everytime We Touch by Cascada, all songs by Lemonade Mouth, Payphone, Makes You Wonder, and She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, Wizard Love by Meekakitty and Heyhihello, Marauder's Map by Ministry of Magic, That's What You Get by Paramore, all songs by Westlife, Summer of '69 and Heaven by Bryan Adams, all songs by the Beatles, Skyscraper and Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato, Viva La Vida and Speed of Sound by Coldplay, Traveling in Twos and Talk Nerdy by Luke Conard, and Lightning by Alex Goot! There are a lot more, but this is just a little bit of what I listen to! And I'm not that mature! I'm quite immature, but when it counts I'm somewhat mature...

  • 90% Wow, to say the least, I was NOT expecting that O.o

    "Payphone" - Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa
    "Outlaws of Love" - Adam Lambert

    "Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye feat. Kimbra

    "Whispers in the Dark" - Skillet
    "Moving On" - Sarah Dawn Finer
    "I Kissed A Boy" - Cobra Starship
    "Hot Mess" - Cobra Starship

    "Sorry That I Never Said Sorry" - Daniel Adams-Ray (Translated to english, that is not the real name)

    "Mr. Cool" - Snook (Daniel Adams-Ray and Oskar Linnros)

    "Dirty Dancer" - Enrique Iglesias feat. Usher
    "Poison" - Alice Cooper
    "Ballad of Mona Lisa" - Panic! At the Disco
    "Monday Morning" - Melanie Fiona
    "Suicide" - Rihanna
    "More Than This" - One Direction
    "Safe and Sound" - Taylor Swift
    "Pain of Love" - Tokio Hotel
    "Attention" - Tokio Hotel
    "Moonsoon" - Tokio Hotel

    "Your Guardian Angel" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

  • I like a lot of songs but Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, It Girl by Jason Derulo, Beautiful by Megan Nicole, Barricade by Maddi Jane, Lightning by Alex Goot, Don't Run Away by IM5, Another World, More Than This, Stole My Heart, Save You Tonight, Everything About You, Tell Me A Lie, Taken, I Wish, Na Na Na, Should've Kissed You, Moments and duh, What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, I also like Everytime we touch by Cascada, Somebody, Determinate, She's So Gone by Lemonade Mouth, Sleeping with Sirens by Iris, The Last Night, Say Goodbye, One Day Too Late, Awake and Alive, and Yours To Hold by Skillet, Old Enough to die, Don't Leave, Lightning Struck Tower, The Bravest Man I ever knew, and Marauder's Map by Ministry of Magic and lots of others ! ^_^

  • I'm mature for my age :) Didn't plan on that :P

    Favorite songs: The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. Animal by Neon Trees. Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley. If You Ever Come Back, Science and Faith by The Script. World of Chances by Demi Lovato. And recently, idk why, Monster by BigBang. It's on loop right now :)

  • "You act your age 95%."How do you know how old I am?Not that I deny it but still.Favorite songs...Anything that Bruno Mars sings,Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer,What Makes You Beautiful by 1 Direction(Yes, I love pop), uhhh, I probably missed ALOT, but I'm tired, wouldn't be able to remember them all even if I was wide awake, and you do not want to read all of my favorite songs, because I have alot.So I'll leave it there.

  • 89% :)

    *Skylines and Turnstiles - My Chemical Romance

    *But It's Better If You Do - Panic! At The Disco

    *Build God, Then We'll Talk - Panic! At The Disco

    *Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

    *Pretty much every My Chemical Romance song....

    *Comin' In Hot - Hollywood Undead
    *Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
    *I Just Wanna Run - The Downtown Fiction
    *Coffee And Cigarettes - NeverShoutNever

    *C heatercheaterbestfr iendeater - NeverShoutNever

    *L ucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles
    *Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade
    *These Are My People - Rodney Atkins
    *The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
    *Under And Over It - Five Finger Death Punch

    *American Capitalist - Five Finger Death Punch

    *plus random opera songs*

  • Shoot, forgot those songs too xD
    "Drive By" - Train
    "She Doesn't Mind" - Sean Paul

    "Tonight (I'm F---in' You)" - Enrique Iglesias

    "Stereo Hearts" - Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine

    "Viva La Vida" - Coldplay

    "Rooftops " - Jesus Culture (Yeah, I may curse and such, but I'm actually religious :>)

    "This Is War" - 30 Seconds To Mars

    "Still Loving It" - Eric Saade (Look it up, it's beautiful!)

    "Promi se Me" - Dead By April
    "Losing You" - Dead By April
    "Never Alone Always Alone" - tAKiDA
    "Glad You Came" - The Wanted
    "Jar of Hearts" - Christina Perri
    "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz

    It's only normal for a teenager to have a hella lot favorite songs, right? :P

  • I got 75%!!!
    It says that I act very mature for my age
    I have a lot of favorite songs in the moment
    Here's a short list
    ~Favkrite Slngs~
    Tempo - EXO
    Amusement Park - Baekhyun
    Action Figure - WayV
    New Rules - TXT
    90's Love - NCT U
    Firworks- Ateez
    Blue Hour - TXT
    God's t- Stray Kids
    Punch - NCT 127
    Faded In My Last Song - NCT U

    Those are my facorite\most repeated songs right now!!

    This quiz was really fun to take!!! A lot of people say that I'm mature for my age

    Anna Vamila Mix
  • 79%

    I don't really have a favorite song, but the Beatles are my favorite band. I also like Hot Chelle Rae, Janis Joplin,and mostly old music with some pop. If I chose one song I would say I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. That's just a little of what I like, however!

    elle bee
  • Seventy nine percent mature,I can be serious when needed to be done so but like having fun and being adventurous alot more I find fun very important in my life. Cool quiz mate.

  • Hi! Great quiz! And to answer your question my favorite songs are:

    Lights by Ellie Goulding
    Other side by Jason Darulo
    Summertime sadness by Lana Del Ray
    Troublemaker by ?????


    I probably have more faves but that is all i could think of at the moment.

  • Ok so... I got 74%...
    Fave Songs..

    Anything by Big Time Rush, Miranda Cosgrove, Emily osment.

    Decoy,Play ing God, Ignorence, Misery Buisnness, Where the Lines over lap Born for this by Paraore. Na Na Na My chemical romance..

  • You Act Your Age 66% 66%

    You are semi-mature for your age. You can be serious, but you can be silly. I am like this: I'm wacky but i am also smart.

    My favorite songs are on top of the world and I bet my life both by imagine dragons

  • mature :D
    the ballad of mona lisa
    lying is the most fun
    the calender
    ready to go
    that green gentleman
    nearly witches
    i write sins not tragities
    nine in the afternoon
    time to dance
    all by panic at the disco
    thnks fr th mmrs-fall out boy
    payphone-mar oon5

  • Aria: I think How To Love is by Lil Wayne. In case you still don't remember :D

    Forgot to add (why can't we edit our comments?):

    Both of Us by B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift. It's so nice and sweet (and relatable).

  • I act like my age 79% whatever that means. Anyways my fave sng is 'Gotta Be You'-one direction and 'Saviour' Black Veil Brides!!! Hehe I want some pancakes well biayy!!!

  • I really like songs by the cure, songs by lil nas x i love songs by the band queen... I mostly listen to a wild mix of things really

    Angel Crust
  • I am not mature
    not surprised
    my favourite song is Mine by Taylor Swift

    Tree Girl
  • Boulevard of broken dreams by green day, pretty much describes me.

  • Savior of the Waking World: Homestuck

  • I got 89% and my favorite songs are really anything that falls into Country music.

    elf maiden
  • I like Adam Lambert- Never close our eyes

    Zia Blackwood
  • 92%.. Funny. There's a variety of music that I listen to =p

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention
    Payphone- Maroon 5
    Drive By- Train
    One Thing- One Direction
    How To Love- cant remember >.< xD


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