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  • This is the worst quiz ever! I am not a pushover I have only dated once, and that lasted for a year till he moved!

    RubyHeart Mar 9 '16, 1:44PM
  • Make sure to answer this quick poll:
    [no urls]

    TheMemesAreReal Nov 6 '15, 8:58PM
  • I'm sexey challenge cool

    Fernandolover21 Oct 17 '15, 4:19PM
  • sexy challenge not bad

    fnafgirl666 Aug 12 '15, 11:03AM
  • i love what i got and how are you

    shauna matthews May 22 '15, 7:39AM
  • Im a Sexy Challenge 83% Not bad!

    MiaThomas May 1 '15, 4:42PM
  • im 95% and it means im a sexy challenge

    fab14 Apr 10 '15, 7:31AM
  • Sexy challange.


    CattyGamerGirl Feb 16 '15, 10:33PM
  • Sexy Challenge, lol. Too bad the only guy I want to date is miles and miles away. :'

    rhimicha Feb 4 '15, 3:58AM
  • yeah i got sexy challenge;;;;

    maija Jan 9 '15, 5:38PM
  • I got 97% sexy challenge nice quiz........i am a challenge you don'rt get a date with me without working......:-D

    MsGoingSolo Nov 27 '14, 11:41PM
  • Sexychallenge.'-'Co ol,i don't know if i am really sexy,but sometime i am a challenge.I like this quiz.

    JessMaster1716 Sep 14 '14, 11:40PM
  • I'm just too awkward for any of this to be true.

    bubbleseahorse May 2 '14, 6:35PM
  • lol sexy challenge? lol yea its a challenge to even get a date with me lol

    bree912 Dec 20 '13, 7:41PM
  • Yeah! 95% sexy challenge! :)

    lovebooksandme Oct 25 '13, 11:55AM
  • Whoop Whoop! A whopping 90%
    This gives me hope ... it gives me hope :'D

    Dadrocks43 Jul 10 '13, 1:01PM
  • 77% sexy challenge

    wolvesrule65318 Jul 9 '13, 9:19PM
  • Ah, this was a very good quiz! Good job, good questions. :)

    Skydragon Jun 28 '13, 7:50AM
  • lol 88% sexy challenge i'm loving this dating questions already. i usually understand guys as much i as i do girls but rather hang with guys then girls because its less drama to hear and deal with than it is boys. I'm no tomboy but i'm no girlie-girl, so yeah.

    resa will May 7 '13, 8:12PM
  • Sexy Challenge? The description is true, though!

    Monkeybutt02 Apr 11 '13, 9:11PM
  • XD! Even if you don't know me you can tell why I'm laughing so hard.

    kay625kay Mar 19 '13, 8:54PM
  • Haha sexy challenge.. that sounds funny!!

    arrionhudson Jan 10 '13, 3:50PM

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