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  • "lol im an athlete well not to brag something i hardly ever lik, but it runs in the family for athletes to be in the family all-together and…"

  • "i am 78% true neutral!!! it was a long quiz and im thinking to myself win is it ever gonna end but i see why im indifferent i guess. I do…"

  • "lol Mexico!!! Epiiiiiiic :D (even though im african american) The reason for mexico is mostly me forreal forreal. I do alot of what is…"

  • "lol i have 63& and im 16 plus i planned on not getting married but on some marriages that i see i look at them and wonder how cute…"

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  • "lol i'm 50/50 and usually i would say its true because the longest i've been with a guy is 2 1/2yrs and that was with a carcasian dude…"

  • "lol i'm 93% a passionate lover and yes i dont let people walk all over me and plus i know i'm not selfish i actually care, so therefore, i…"

  • "lol 85% he likes me and thats true because my frans even say he likes me he just scared/shy to tell me that he like me and want to go out…"

  • "lol 88% sexy challenge i'm loving this dating questions already. i usually understand guys as much i as i do girls but rather hang with…"

  • "i dont like to f*** and i kno how to handle my business to myself to keep preventing me to have so many babies but i just like kids when…"

  • "If i was actually with Zayn malik my comparison charater, i would be got dang because this dude is fine but not all that just the same as…"