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Here is part 3 as i promised


Created by: stained

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  1. RECAP: You hear a knock at the door that sounds very much like Jacobs but your not sure if it is or not
  2. You go out back instead of checking the front door you stand on your tiptoes peeking above the wooden fence in your backyard you see its Jacob you go back inside through the backyard and your grab your dagger just incase then the door flys open "What the hell do you want!!" you yell "payback" Jacob says "not going to happen" you say and flip the dagger through your fingers Jacob looks at the dagger he reaches for it but you stop flipping it through your finger and tighten your grip on it then you stab Jacob in the other arm and he storms off "i will be back shrimp!" he yells you shrug and put your dagger up and you go back to sleep and dream of who or what
  3. Its the next day and you see Carlos so you walk out side and yawn "can i help you with something" you say Carlos turns around "ya you can" he says you shrug and lead him inside "well what is it" you ask "i have something to tell you" Carlos says "well what is it" you ask again "well im not normal im really half dragon which means i can turn fully dragon and even half human half dragon" Carlos says your eyes widen as your hear this "proove it" you say Carlos nods and you lead him into the backyard...
  4. Carlos then turns into a large dragon with golden colored scales and he has black tiger like stripes on his scales then your jaw drops in shock and amazement as what you see "what" he says "um... um well your a dragon" you say Carlos laughs as he turns human "i told you" he says "so does that mean Alex, Christopher, Jake, Josh, and Nathon are like you?" you ask "not really" Carlos says "what do you mean" you ask "well they arent immortals but there not like me either" Carlos says "now i better get going" Carlos says you nod and Carlos leaves you then sit down under a tree when you see something out in the woods behind your house
  5. You see its Alex and Alex comes out the woods and sits next to you "i see that Carlos told you and showed you what he was" Alex says "its not cool to ease drop you know" you say "i know" Alex says "so what are you" you ask "let me show you" Alex says you nod and then Alex turns into a huge twenty foot snake that kind looks like a mix between a king cobra a rattle snake and a python he has fire colored scales and he looks at you your jaw drops again he turns human "well now that you know i will be going" Alex says you nod then you go out to go explore in the woods when you see Christopher...
  6. He doesnt see you and then he turns into a wolf fury (its half human half wolf kinda like a were wolf but not exactly) he has the fur of a wolf which is black he has the ears of a wolf the muzzle of a wolf the tail of a wolf the and the paws and claws of a wolf you pass out as you see this
  7. You wake up at your house and find Jake sitting on the edge of your bed "your up now" Jake says you shake your head "ya what are you doing here" you ask "i found you on the forest floor and brought you back here" Jake says "so Carlos is the dragon thing Alex is the snake thing Christopher is the wolf thingy so what are you" you ask "you saw Christopher turn into a wolf fury how" Jake asks "I was wandering in the forest i saw him he didnt see me i saw him turn into a wolf thingy and i passed out" you say "oh" Jake says "anyways let me show you" Jake says Jake then turns into a large white tiger then a zebra etc. "your a shapershifter" you ask "yes i am the others can only turn into one thing" Jake says you nod then Josh comes in your room "is she alright" Josh asks Jake nods "Josh show her your form" Jake says Josh nods then Josh turns into a vampire Josh then turns normal and both Jake and Josh leave (LOL instead of Drake and Josh its Jake and Josh)
  8. Then Nathon walks into your room "so what are you" you ask Nathon looks at you then he turns into a german shepherd he then turns normal "I can turn into any type of dog" Nathon says then he walks off leaving you sigh and go back to sleep you dream of what
  9. You then wake hearing a loud howl outside so you go to investigate then something lunges at you and you dodge and more come and another lunges at you...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry so who do you like
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