Dangerous Love part two

I didn't make it so long because I made the thingies really long. It took me an hour to write this. :O Part four comes tomorrow! :P Trolololo. O oi Bye.

I didn't make it so long because I made the thingies really long. It took me an hour to write this. :O Part four comes tomorrow. :P Tralalala. E Ei Bye!

Created by: lilfallenangel

  1. *Chris' POV* "Damn it!", I said still sobbing. Well, if I want her back I can't just stand here can I? When I shot up into the sky I followed the path of the helicopter. It went faster and faster until I couldn't see it anymore. "Great." Then, all of a sudden the other advanced kids in my school came out. "Chris! Where's Abrail?", said Claire, one of Abrail's other friends. "They took her." "They took her?!?! Oh no, no, no!" "Calm down Claire. We're gonna get her back. Promise.", said Brendon and Angel at the same time. They're twins so that figures. "Well, we shouldn't just just stand here. Let's go.", I said. We flew and flew and saw nothing. It was getting late so Brendon suggested we camp. Thank God that kid has camping supplies.
  2. *Abrail's POV* I was at some um I really don't know what I was at. Some sort of torment center? I saw kids everywhere who had three eyes or were part dog and stuff like that. Then, I saw my Dad. My own Dad working here. And my Mom! They work here?!? I was so angry my fists started glowing with fire...Again. My eye flashed to a glowing red and orange. Like the color of fire. My highlights shone fiercely. Everyone started. Including my parents. "I can't believe you!", I yelled at my parents. "You torment these kids! You turn them into something they're not! Just like me! I hate you!" Then someone tried dumping a bucket of water on me. That just made me more angry. I ran toward him and pinned him to the floor. Someone pulled me away and put some sort of shot in me. She paralyzed me! (Only temporarily) They strapped me to a hospital bed but not on my back. They tore my shirt and unfolded my wings. With their hands. I screamed. Cause it really hurts. And I mean really. I kept saying "Let me out!" but they ignored it. I really wonder what Chris is doing...
  3. *Chris' POV* When I woke up everyone was awake. Claire gave me some pancakes and we all got going. Brendon thinks they took her to that facility. Sadly, he might be right. So we headed in the direction of the facility instead. I knew the facility wasn't far. So we went as fast as we could. We still didn't see it. We looked all over. Nothing. "Chris, are you sure we're going the right way?", asked Airabell who's normally quiet. "Yea, I'm sure." We just kept flying. Nothing interesting happened. Until we heard a boom. It was coming from the facility!
  4. *Abrail's POV* They were all poking at my wings like idiots. Someone even licked me wing. Ew. One of them went somewhere and came back with a giant needle. She said,"Don't worry. This will make you stronger. Oh, but it will hurt. A lot." When she stuck it in my arm I screamed. I felt a surge of electric go through me. My eyes glowed a blood-shot red. I flinched. Then passed out...
  5. I woke up and felt so different. I didn't feel like myself. My eyes were still blood-shot red. I was pale. And I was in a very plain white room. All of a sudden someone zapped me with electricity. I didn't flinch. Heck, I didn't even fell it. I just absorbed it. They brought me a cup of what seemed like fruit punch. and to prove it. The nurse took a sip. When I drank it, I knew it wasn't fruit punch. But it was good. Really good. I gulped it all down. Then I realized what I had done. I drank blood. Gosh that was hard to say. But I'd done it and liked it. They asked me what I thought of it. I said,"I like it. A lot." I didn't lie. I told the truth just to admit it. They mumbled and I heard one say,"We have created the first ever Angel of Night Blood-Seeker!" That's what I'm called? Gosh. They told me to sleep and gave me another cup. I drank it and went to sleep.
  6. *Chris' POV* "We're here! Look!", said Airabell. We were at the facility. We went down and folded in our wings. For some reason, they let us in. We looked around and saw a little room that was clear on the outside. It was Abrail. And there was a cup. I wondered what was in it. "Brendon, what's in that cup next to Abrail?", I asked since he has the best eye-sight here. He looked at the cup and gasped. I saw her mouth. I'm sure that's not fruit punch. "What did they do to her?", asked Airabell. "I don't know.", answered Claire. Abrail opened her eyes. Well stood in shock. They were red. A blood-shot red. I heard her say,"Help me!" We ran toward her room. The guards grabbed Airabell and Claire. Airabell screamed. She was only seven. Brendon ran toward them leaving me alone to fight of six guards. I saw Abrail's fists go up in flames. She ran through the glass. They all turned to her. Someone yelled,"No! Let her walk around." The white coated person was..Her Dad! The men stepped away and let her come toward me. She showed no expression. She actually started to cry. "What's wrong?", said Airabell who must have came back without me noticing. Abrail just vanished before our eyes. When we saw her she was at the end of the huge room. Someone brought her another cup. I stared at her. She picked it up. Unsure if she should drink it in front of me.
  7. She drank it. All of it. Claire cried. "It's okay Claire.", said Airabell and Brendon. Then Claire too vanished. We weren't sure if she went home but she probably did. Abrail seemed to not mind it here. I walked to Abrail. "Do you want to leave?", I asked. "Yes." I helped her up and Brendon and Airabell got the clue and ran when we were near them we all shot into the sky. Abrail stayed away from us. I wonder what's going on with her. When she finally came back to us she said,"I want to go back." and she did. "No Abrail! Come back!", Airabell cried. Abrail was like the older sister Airabell never had. Abrail heard her cry and came back. "Why would you want to stay there?" She said nothing. Just kept flying. What did they do to her?
  8. *Abrail's POV* I felt empty. I didn't feel like myself. I couldn't believe what I had done. Had they brainwashed me? Surely. I felt like a freak. But i was an Angel of Night Blood-Seeker and I had to deal with it. "I'm sorry I did that." And I plunged ahead. I was first back to the school. I walked inside. Sadly, it was only 10:13. Everyone stared at me. They seemed scared. I heard them say,"What happened to her now?" or "She doesn't look right." Then Chris came with Claire. Brendon and Airabell went home. Claire didn't look at me. At all. I walked up to her. "Claire. Please look at me." That was the longest sentence I said to her since I got back. She looked at me. "What happened to you?", said asked. I knew she was scared. "I don't know." "Abrail at least you're talking again.", said Chris. "I don't care what they do to you. Cause you're still my Abrail. No one can change you k?" "But Chris, they did change me! Look at me!", I said crying and yelling. I took a piece of paper and wrote what they called me. I gave to him and he read it. He looked up and said,"I don't care. You're you." I didn't want to here that because I knew what he saw me as. I vanished. I didn't know where I wanted to go. I want to go to my Grandma's. Yeah. She'll understand me.
  9. Okay, yea I fa!led...I think. Anyways I'm going to make part two tomorrow. Not a very good cliffhanger I know. :P
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