Dancing With Death~part one

This is a story about a girl who was Kidnapped at age five. She is being taken back home. She is part angel part demon. Shes the princess of the woodlen animals.

This is a story about a girl who was Kidnapped at age five. She is being taken back home. She is part angel part demon. Shes the princess of the woodlen animals. Yep.

Created by: Angel_

  1. I sat alone in the dark room. I sat in the same corner I had spent the last 10 years of my life in. I looked at the door knowing that it would open soon. In a few seconds an old lady would come in. She would give me a frown and shake her head. Then she would give me a bowl of broth and a loaf of bread. Then she would leave. It had been this way for the past ten years. I had gaven up all hope. All hope of anything. I had stopped hoping that one day I would go back. I would never go back.
  2. I slumped aginnst the waLL. In my head I went over all I knew, not much. I had been in this room for ten years. No one had talked to me in ten years. Only three people ever came in this room. One was the lady. She took care of my needs. She would take care of the waste pot. The food. And once a week she would leave clean cloths. The other was a tall man. He came in about once a week. He did, said nothing. He would lean on a wall across from me. He would stay for the hole day just looking at me. Then he would stand and leave.
  3. The third was a boy I took to be my age. He would peek his head in the door and look at me. Just look at me. Sometimes he would smile. He was unlike the others. He wanted to speak to me. I could tell. In a few seconds the door would open. The lady would walk in and give me food. The door slid open ,making no sound. In the doorway stood not the lady, but the boy.
  4. The boy nodded to me. "C'mon. Your leaving." He walked over and held out a hand. I sunk back aginst the wall. He shook his head. "We have to leave. Your times up. Its over today. You can go with me or stay and.....you cant stay." He held out a hand and smiled calmly. " My names Carter Ryen Thomas. Whats yours" I said nothing as I had done for the past ten years. Footsteps sounded in the hall. The boy frowned and picked me up. He carried me and ran. His hand tilted at the door to grabb a bag. I was out. I was out of the box. I blinked in the sudden light, as we ran. I looked up at the sky. A huge circle light up the sky along with smaller blinking lights. It was dim. A image came to me. A tall lady in a blue dress looking at me. "Thats the moon and stars my angel." I closed my eyes as the lady faded, trying to pull her back.
  5. In view of the boy.)) I ran for a few miles glad for training. She was pretty and small but still about 90 pounds. It was going to be hard to get her home. To her home. When I was five the leader of the group had picked her. He said that her bloodlines were worth money. Big money. He would let the human traders bid on her for 10 years. The highest bid had been well over a millon pounds. The day had came to ship her off. When news of this reached her father he put out a search team. The team failed and so he went for inside help. I had always been wary of my familys work. They were kidnappers. I wanted a chance to be unlike them. If I could get her home safe I would be gaven a job at the TWCPA. It was all I needed to show I wanted no part in my dads work.
  6. I was two miles into the woods. I sat her down my a tree. I stood watching the woods in the dark. I picked out three sets of eyes n a bush. Pixies. I smiled. "Shes asleep. You can come out." Many considered Pixies evil. But I knew the truth. As a boy I spent days in the woods. Once I had fallin in a stream. I had almost drownd. But a pixie name Damur had been following me. He saved my life. I had became friends with the pixies. They had shown me many things. They had backed me up on my choice to free the girl. One of the pixies flew from the hiding spot. "It is the princess?"
  7. I nodded. The pixies and many other mythical woodlen animals considered her the princess. Her mom was a queen. But not of the forest. Her mom was a friend of the woods. She was loved here. The grls mom was an angel. A real angel. With wings. The girl had wings to but she had yet to find them. Her dad was a demon. He was one of the few trusted. So this mad the girl part demon part angel. And the woodlen animals had chosen her for there queen.
  8. THE END OF PART ONE~ DANCING WITH DEATH. Part two will be out soon. yes I know this was short but part two will be longer.
  9. This quiz was made by Sugercube. Please take my other quizez. Please comment and rate.
  10. Thank you.

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