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  • This is bulls---, man.
    "Carter: ..Cam. Cam: *eyes flash* ..Human."
  • (Reserved)
    "*Iann is busy with Jana~* It hurts! *then* UNTIE MY HANDS. D: ..."
  • ..Oh, God, no.
    "*sitting beside four bodies covered in white sheets* *sobbing* Anthony: *blank stare* Harriett: *sob"
  • "Travins: It is, though. It was just us four.. Taylor: Six, if you count the twins. No one counts the twins, "
  • Janette..
    "Janette: They're just, I can't, Mom, I can't- Janette. Please.. Janette: *flutters, shaking head* Harriett d"
  • Well, it is interesting.
    "Noah: He's smart enough, that's for sure. But, it's so far away, and.. Well, he's a child, Noah. He's my baby. "
  • I don't know..
    "Iann: Mommmaaa. ;w; Please? It's.. It's raining. You'll get sick. Iann: *rolls eyes* I wanna swim! I'm gonna"
  • "I can't cook. Iann: Good job, Mom. The first step is accepting it. *rolls eyes* Please, Iann"
  • [1x3] ZA RP
    "Sooo has anyone made any characters?"
  • Shameless soap advert.
  • " Her dress for homecomin"
  • So?
    "Iann: It'll take a while, but I can make them. Perfect~ *grins*"
  • "^-^ I win. What's my reward?"
  • Would you shut up?
    "Dakota: Blue. *smiles* ... Chosovi: *slows more* ... Grey: A-Away.. "
  • "He's probably lying. Most likely tied her up in order to get more time in control. :I"

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