Confessions (part one)

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Hello! Hope your having I great day! This is my first series, so sorry if it sucks. Please leave feedback/ideas in the comments. If you want to be in the story info below.

Okay! So how can you get in the story? Please leave looks, name, personality, etc. (doesn’t have to be a real person) put it in the comments, and boom!

Created by: Rowan
  1. I was sitting in the back seat of my parents mini van, The car had just came to a stop. When my mom, who was sitting in the passenger seat turned around and smiled at me, “are you excited honey?” “Not really, I’m going to miss my friends back home.” I replied. My mom let’s out a soft sigh. She turned back around and whispered something i couldn’t make out. “Don’t be worried about ______“ My dad said. I let my thoughts wonder off, as the car started moving again. ‘Will my friends even miss me?’ I thought. I hated leaving them behind, but my parents thought maybe I needed some time away. I just wanted to go back to Ohio. I sighed, and mumbled under my breath, “I’m going to hate the hot weather.” I was glad my parents didn’t hear me. “How much longer are we going to drive? It feels like we’re just going in circles.” I said. “Probably one more hour.” My dad said over his shoulder. I just nodded and looked out the window, looking at all the greenery. ‘I hope I’ll make some friends.’ I thought. But I could feel myself falling into sleep.
  2. I woke up when I heard the car door slam, will I guess I’m here at the stupid boarding school. She heard her emotional support cat, Jellybean, meow in his crate. she grabbed the small crate and got out of the car. ‘Wow it’s huge.’ I thought, looking up at the big, and tall building in front of me. I gulped, my parents were getting my bags out of the trunk, I saw a taller women walking to us, she smiled and said, “you must be our new student! I’m the advisor of Harvest Hall. I’ll show _____ to her dorm.” She said to my parents. I walked towards her, “by the way, you can call me Ms. Smith.” “Okay, so um yeah, I brought a pet with me if that’s okay?” Ms. Smith just winked, “your dorm is 112.” She led me though the gates, and into the school. As I walked in, my brain suddenly became overwhelmed.
  3. I winced, but just followed Ms. Smith up some stairs. I looked down at the main floor. Teenagers were everywhere, laughing, screaming, and just talking. I hurried back to my guide. Soon we came to a door, among a sea of other doors, but this door had the numbers, 112 on it. “here’s your key, and good luck!” The adviser turned and walked back down the hall. I looked around the hall and noticed a group of girls giving me the stink eye. ‘What’s their problem?’ I thought, I unlocked the door and walked in. The dorm had a bed, a chair, and a table. I shut the door behind me. I set down Jellybeans crate, and opened it. His brown tabby fur bristled out as he took in the new room. He looked up at me with those green eyes of his. I stood up, and looked at all my bags that my parents had left me. It kind of made me sad, that they just left back for their cozy home in Ohio. I knew it wouldn’t be so bad here in California, but it still made me sad. I unpacked Jellybeans stuff. And most of my stuff. I set my alarm for 5:30 AM. And then threw myself into the bed, and went to sleep.
  4. I woke up to my alarm. I groaned and turned over and put my hand on it, stoping the beeping. I got out of bed, and got dressed. Today, I was just going to explore. I fed Jellybean, and went out of my dorm, trying to shut the door quietly. I had skipped breakfast since I wasn’t hungry. I started my way down the hall, it was still early, so no one really was up. I looked around after I came down the stairs, and saw Ms. Smith, I waved, she smiled, and started towards me. “I forgot to tell you, that you can take a bus down to town square, and get groceries.” Ms. Smith said. “I’ll do that today.” I replied. I turned, and started towards the exit. I got I bus to the square, and got some groceries, with the money my parents gave me. When I was back at school it was around 9:30 AM. And the main floor was packed with kids coming out of class. I decided to go to lunch because it seemed like what everyone else was doing.
  5. I got some food which consisted of green beans, mashed potatoes, and some toast. I sat down at an empty table, and I saw those snobby girls from the hall the day before, they were mooning over this boy who had dark brown hair, green eyes, and sharp collarbone. He seemed to be ignoring the girls, and he walked out of view. I couldn’t help but admit that he was pretty hot. I sook my head and sighed. Just then a girl, not one of the snobby ones, came over and sat next to me. She had a nice smile, and seemed nice. “Looking at Liam?” She asked me with a grin. “No, I just saw those snobs mooning over him.” I replied. ‘So his name is Liam? Huh.’ I thought. The girl laughed. I was done with my food, I stood up. “What’s your name?” I asked the girl, she tossed her brown hair over her shoulder, “Hazel. Your name?” “Oh, I’m _____” I turned away with my empty tray in my hands. “see you around.” Hazel said to me. Just then I rammed into somebody.
  6. My tray had fallen to the ground making a clattering noise. I heard people muttering, I looked up and saw green eyes. ‘No, no, no.’ I thought. It was Liam, he looked surprised too, but then he grinned at me, “Looks like I ran into I very pretty lady.” I blushed so hard I was probably looking like a tomato, I wanted to shrink into the floor, to get away from all the starring eyes. Liam whispered in my ear, “Aw looks like your embarrassed.” I could tell a lot of the girls watching, were jealous, most of the people were laughing. I felt a hand grab my arm, I turned to see Hazel. “Come on, I’ll take you to your dorm as quickly as possible.” we ran from the eyes, the laughing, the jealousy. We came to my dorm, I grabbed my key and unlocked the door. Jellybean was asleep, all was peaceful. “Thanks, back there.” I said to Hazel, “no worries.” Hazel said back.
  7. “I will say those girls will get you.” I sighed. “I think Liam likes you” Hazel said. “Nope impossible. I don’t like him, he’s kinda a jerk.” I replied. “I better get going, let me know it those girls bother you.” Then Hazel walked out of the room. I sighed again, I stroked Jellybean. He purred. And soon I went to my bed, and flopped down, I went to sleep.
  8. I woke up to a knock on the door, I got out of bed, and opened the door to find Hazel, standing there. “I thought you were one on the snobs.” Hazel laughed. “Ready for you first day in class?” I nodded. I changed, and ate a banana. We walked down the hall together. “I’ll be right back” Hazel said, zipping off. I kept walking, my head low, and looking at the ground. I bumped into something again. I sighed, already knowing who it was.
  9. Liam looked down at me, “oh, how lucky I am to run into the person I was looking for.” He smirked. “Can’t you leave me alone?” “Why should I?” “because I’m telling you to.” “What if I don’t want to leave you alone?” Thank goodness, no one was in the hall at that time because I felt myself go red. Liam smiled. “Where was I?” He said with a huge smirk. “Oh, yes, I was going to tell you Ms. Smith, told me to help you get to all your classes.”
  10. “Are you kidding me? now, I’m in big trouble from those girls.” He laughed, he started walking towards her first class. When he opened the door to let me in the math classroom, gasps sounded from everywhere in the room. “Hello, ____” the teacher said, “call me Mr. Miller.” I nodded, and he pointed to a empty table, relief that I was sitting alone, was gone in a second as he turned to Liam, “how about you can sit with her, as you seem to get on fine.” Liam, sat next to me. I could feel the eyes of the snobs on my back, as me, and Liam did our math.

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