Club Penguin Union Attack Force

There are many penguins that do not know the simple information. To pass this test you must know the info on Do not lie on the test to be part of the army!!!

Do you know all about the CPUAF? Are you a big fan of that website? Who knows!!! Maybe one day you will be part of the hall of fame!!! Be a very good trooper and then become in the hall of fame!

Created by: Shazid of cpuaf
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever been banned from club penguin?
  2. Are you a secret agent?
  3. Do you have your own club penguin account?
  4. Are you a tour penguin?
  5. Have you ever been in another army?
  6. Were you ever part of the Shadowtroops?
  7. How many days is your penguin old?
  8. Do you have the uniform shown at
  9. How old are you?
  10. Which of the following penguins is the leader of CPUAF?

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