What Club Penguin Person are YOU?

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There are many famous CP penguins,and you might know them.So what's better than to find out wich on you act like?Well,what I know is that everyone wants to know!

Are you Cadence,RockHopper,Sensei,Gary,or Aunt Arctic?Play to find out.The questions are simple and easy to choose.After you do this,please go to CP for another quiz.

Created by: The Miz of [no urls]
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like to eat?
  2. Where do you hang out on CP?
  3. Do you like to read Club Penguin Times?
  4. What color do you like?
  5. What puffles do you like?
  6. How much Club Penguin days old is your penguin?
  7. Do you have a puffle?
  8. What party do you like more?
  9. Do you own a igloo that is not small?
  10. What game do you like?

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Quiz topic: What Club Penguin Person am I?