The Club Penguin Quiz

Take the Cp quiz, um yea you get it. So take it and see what you are. Have fun and make sure not to take this because you are bored. NOT GOOD!!! REALLY!

TAKE THE QUIZ!! HAHA. OK lets have some fun! take the quiz and we hope you enjoy it. please do not be upset from your results this quiz is just for fun!

Created by: Krutiy

  1. Are you a Club Penguin member?
  2. The clock in the ski lodge has it's "cuckoo" come out every ______.
  3. What was in the place of the Phoning Facility before?
  4. What's at the Phoning Facility?
  5. The Club Penguin newspaper comes out every....
  6. BOUNS: JetPack Guy is __________
  7. When you don't want to play on any more games on CP, what do you do?
  8. Wat do you expect to get on this quiz?
  9. Gary the Gadget Guy!!!!
  10. What was in place of the stadium before?

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