The Donotpoo Quiz

Well, I suppose a a lot of you will get the high point! I really like Club Penguin so that's why I made this quiz. Let me know how you get on. I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

I made this quiz because I was bored and there was nothing to post on my site. So, are you a true fan of Donotpoo? Find out now... Let me know how you get on. You'll probably get to the high point. It'll be easy, just search Donotpoo's site. Is that 150? yes, I think it is...

Created by: Joseph Anderson of clubpenguincheat2222222222222222222222222222222222
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  1. Let's start with a nice easy one: what colour is Donotpoo in his pictures?
  2. Is Donotpoo a boy or a girl?
  3. Donotpoo _____________
  4. Has Donotpoo made a music video before?
  5. Which of these was a title of one of Donotpoo's past posts?
  6. What are Donotpoo's other accounts called?
  7. What month did Donotpoo's site start in?
  8. True or false? Donotpoo is a girl.
  9. This is really easy. What is this quiz called?
  10. What mission guide has Donotpoo made before?
  11. Donotpoo is making new pages. He has two pages so far. One of them is called About Me, but what is the other one called? Use this question as a sneak peek of the new pages; the wrong answers are the names of the new pages.
  12. Is Donotpoo a member?
  13. What are Donotpoo's puffles called?
  14. What colour are Donotpoo's puffles?
  15. Who is Donotpootwo2?
  16. Is Donotpoo the Gift Shop manager?
  17. Does Donotpoo show his other accounts in his pictures?
  18. Why doesn't Donotpoo speak clearly in his posts?
  19. Is this question 19?
  20. What was Donotpoo's latest post called (before the one with the link to this quiz)?
  21. How many 2's are in the name of the site?
  22. Why does Donotpoo have banana trees growing over his site?

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