The Club Penguin Quiz

I made this quiz because I love Club Penguin and I think making quizzes is fun. Please tell me how you got on as soon as possible. I hope you have fun with the quiz!

Thanks to this great quiz, you'll find out if you're slumpy puffle or puffy penguin! Just tell me your score! I bet most people are slumpy puffles....

Created by: Joseph Anderson of clubpenguincheat2222222222222222222222222222222222
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  1. How many puffles are there in Club Penguin?
  2. What is the last puffle in the Adopt A Puffle catalog in the Pet Shop?
  3. How many buildings are there in the Town and Plaza (not together)?
  4. What item is hidden in a different place in the catalog each month?
  5. Which of these rooms does not have a game?
  6. What book is possible to read in the Ski Village? (no questions this time)
  7. How do you play on the computer in Club Penguin?
  8. When was the free Santa hat available?
  9. Name two of the Cp Staff.
  10. ENOUGH SINGING! How many penguins are there in Club Penguin?
  12. Why do puffins live in Club Penguin?
  13. TIKKAB?! THAT'S his name? Pretty weird name. Anyway, what colour puffle is the most artistic?
  14. ok what shall we do sort him out?
  15. Ok then, he's deleted from the quiz. What is the website you can play Club Penguin on other than
  16. How many C's are there in the name of this quiz?
  17. What was the first question in this quiz?
  18. Which of these rooms does not have music playong in the background?
  19. How many puffle are you allowed to have (varies between member and nonmember)?
  20. Name the three secret rooms that are located only on the map.
  21. What was the name of the intruder earlier?
  22. TIKKAB! I'm sending you to jail! What colour curtains do penguins have in Basic Igloos?
  23. RIGHT hes behind bars. What do you call a man with a tortoise on his head?
  24. DOH hes still able to contact with us. Somebody steal his laptop. Question: What's the name of the polar bear in Secret Agent Missions 5, 6, 7 and 8? Oh, and what's his pet crab called?
  25. Let's just finish the quiz off just incase sneaky TIKKAB finds another way to keep in contact with us. FINAL QUESTION: Where was the Chocolate Ice Cream Cone pin located?

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