Keelers Club Penguin Quiz!

Do you know alot about Club Penguin? You will find out if you are a genius with these questuions! Some of them will be about me but just try your best!

I put some easy some hard questions in my quiz. You might be able to answer some of them. I hope you can! If you can be a genius, i might reward you. Just have fun with my quiz!

Created by: Eoin Keeley
  1. How many CP Servers are there?
  2. How many CP Moderators are there?
  3. What's the name of my main penguin?
  4. What is my favourite server?
  5. What's a beta penguin?
  6. What colour is my party hat?
  7. What room has NOT got Music in it?
  8. Who is the main Pirate Penguin?
  9. How often is a pin hidden?
  10. How often is a pin hidden?
  11. What date was Club Penguin made?
  12. What was the first ever CP Pin?
  13. What was Club Penguin's name before Club Penguin?
  14. How many penguins do I have?
  15. What's the name of my puffle?
  16. What's my favourite room?
  17. What funny stuff have I recently done?
  18. What was the 50th pin?
  19. How many screens in Secret Agent HQ?
  20. What was the 1st CP Party?

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