Where is it in Club Penguin?

Hey guys! I made this Quiz ecspecially for you guys! I would like to give a special thanks to whoever comes to my site! Just don't worry about what you are gonna make on this quiz, just have fun with it.

This quiz is going to tell how good you are for finding stuff around Club Penguin. Now there is one simple question left to ask. Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: Malico531 of Penguin Surfers
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  1. Where is the Find Four Game located at?
  2. Where is the Tour Guide stand at?
  3. Where is Hydro-Hopper at?
  4. Where is the secret entrance to HQ located at?
  5. Where is Mancala played at?
  6. Where is Bean Counter at?
  7. What flag is the server Snowfall located in?
  8. Where is the fireplace?
  9. Where does Rockhopper usually come up onto the island at?
  10. Where can you surf?

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