Club Penguin Quiz

Here is a Club Penguin quiz to see how much you know,It was made by the very own Littlerockyr, Many people know who I am but do I know you, No. Here is a quiz you will love!

You know what, you are a genius. This quiz was all about club penguin and guess what? You made it cause right now you are going to take the quiz of a lifetime!

Created by: Littlerockyr of this site
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  1. What Colored Sunglasses Is Littlerockyr Wearing?
  2. What Suite Is LIttlerockyr Wearing?
  3. What Shoes Is Littlerockyr Wearing?
  4. What Hat Is Littlerockyr Wearing?
  5. What Color Is Littlerockyr?
  6. What Is Littlerockyr's 1st Back-up Penguin?
  7. What Is Littlerockyr's 2nd Back-up Penguin?
  8. Who Created Club Penguin?
  9. Who Are The Three Most Important Moderators?
  10. What Day Does The Newspaper Come Out On Club Penguin?

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