How much do you know about penguins

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There many penguin lovers so i hope you are one of them im pretty sure you are one of them because you did this quiz if you don't like them you are a weird person

I hoped you like this quiz quizzes are hard but if you got 100% im pretty sure you know alot about penguins and you are excellent doing quizzes so i hope you like this quiz

Created by: Jay

  1. First of all is the main picture a penguin?
  2. First of all is the main picture a penguin?
  3. If you got no then what animal is it
  4. What penguin looks like it has a helmet
  5. What penguin lives on the beach of South America
  6. What animal eats penguin eggs
  7. What penguin went into New York City some how not the zoo but the streets
  8. How did the penguins get in the streets
  9. How much do you think you know about penguins
  10. Did you like this quiz at all

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about penguins