Closer Together Part 3

Ok this has more romance in it. Part 4 is mainly mystery, I hope you enjoy these :3 I do these on a DSI so it takes about 1-2 hours to make each part. It was 1 in da morning when i made this one lol Anyway ENJOY AND READ ON.

Skye Taylorson- dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, tall, skinny, lotsa guys lik u. Matt-blond hiar,green eyes, six pack,tall and fit. super hot :3 Eric-black hair, blue eyes, tall, fit, muscular kinda

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. NOTE* im going 2 stop saying you and start doing I. (example: instead of You said, it will say I said.) I was just scrollin through some quizzes/series and most of them had i.
  2. Me and Matt stopped killing eachother with water balloons and went inside lol. It was 5:30. "huh i wonder where mom and dad are" I say. "same... wanna order a pizza?" Matt asks. I grin and nod. He grabs his phone and orders our faves :)
  3. When the pizza came we watched a movie. I yawned it was like 9:00. I curled up on the couch and Matt chuckled. "tired much?" he asked. I laughed and yawned at the same time. Next thing I know i was fast asleep... and then Matt was picking me up and carrying me to my room.
  4. *MATTS POV*- I watched Skye sleep for a while and smiled. Dang shes hot when she sleeps, I think. I sigh and pick her up to carry her to her room. I think she heard/saw me but i dunno. *sighs* -shes so hot and cute- i think again
  5. *BACK 2 UR POV* I wake up in my bed. Its 10. I yawn curl up and fall back asleep... and then I dream
  6. *DREAM* Im sittin on a boat with Matt when he leans in about to kiss me. Just as his lips touch mine something drags me under water. "SKYLAR!!" Matt screams. Everything is dark. skulls everywherre... crowns.. black.. and, and people. A man is sitting under water, he smiles at me cruely. "Im taking back wats meant to be mine, time to die PRINCESS" he says. Just then I wake up
  7. I wake up screaming. Matt runs to my room and strokes my face softly. "its ok... what hapened?" he asks gently. "bad dreams... you you were there.. and dark.. evil..." i stutter out. He wraps his arms around me and i burst into tears... and then.. (this is 4 all da matt lovers.) He kisses me, an I kiss back. we kissed and kissed. Finally we had to stop for air. I blushed and so did he. "well that was one heck of a kiss" I say. "and the best part is, I had it with you. he say back.
  8. We both get under the covers. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close. I blush and close my eyes.. I swear the guy in my dream... had a locket... and both the guy and the locket looked familiar. WAY to familiar. And I have to find out why.

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