Closer Together Part 1

this is for girls only. Ok your a 16 year old girl. your birhday is next week. You have blondish brown (dirty blond) long wavy hair, hazel eyes, and your name is Skye Taylorson. Your best friend is Matt Richards. he has a six pack, blond hair, and gree n eyes. ya'll have been best friends since u were 5. Your going to summer camp with him..... but strange things start happening

This is a mysterious and magical adventure (lol that sounds so cheesy) full of magic, love, and adventure. Is someone out to get you? Does Matt know something you dont? Come find out on this exciting mysterious ride. GOSH dat sounds SO cheesy and lame XD. But epic and awesome :D

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. You wake up and yawn, tomorrow you go to summer camp with your best friend Matt. You look at the clock, 8:45. "OH CRAP!" you say. "ugh im late for school AGAIN." You quicky get dressed. You pick out...
  2. "stupid dreams" you mutter as you get dressed. Lately this week you've been having strange dreams about magic and love.... Before you have time to think about it Matt pulls up in your driveway. You smile and go outside. Matt has dirty blond hair, green eyes, tan skin, and a six pack. He's a boy any girl would fall for... but your just friends..... right?
  3. "Hey sleeping beauty! Ready for summer camp tomrrow?" he says. You laugh and lightly punch him. "ow!" what was that for?" he asks while laughing. "1, for calling me Sleeping beauty`' and 2 DUH im ready! Ive been physced about it fr 3 days!" you say. He laughs and gets in the car. You get in beside him and ya'll start talking about summer camp and school.
  4. Soon ya'll show up at school. "cya in gym" he says. You nod and go to your locker. You notice a guy looking at you.... he tilts his head and walks up to you. "hi im Eric" he says. "oh umm hi.. im Skye. You new here?" you reply. "yea." he says. He examines you... suddenly he looks at you with concern in hs eyes. he hands you a piece of paper with his number on it. "call me if you ever get in um trouble" he says, then runs off.
  5. huh? you think. You look at the clock 10:30. "oh crud i really am late". Just then the bell rings for gym class. You run to the gym and see Matt. He winks at you and points at the clock. You only have 5 miutes to get ready. You run to the locker and put your gym uniform on. You walk outside. "SKYE! your LATE!" Coach Peters says. "i uh... sory..." you say. He rolls his eyes, "today is BASKETBALL!" he yells. You and Matt have to play against eachother. Everyone gets in position. Right when Coach is about to blow the wistle he yells. Everyone scrambles and runs outsie... but why.?
  6. you hear a creaking sound.. you turn around and see the scoreboard, ITS ABOUT TO FALL! "SKYE! GET OUTTA THE WAY!" Matt yells. Suddenly he runs and pushes you out of the way just as the scoreboard falls. Matt lands on top of you. "You.... you saved my life.." you say. He looks into your eyes. "I had to, your special... and my best friend" he says softly. You notice that you got a cut from when you fell, you also notice everyone is looking at ya'll. You both quickly get up and blush. One of your friends Jennifer comes up. "OMG HE SVED UR LIFE! HE SOOOOO LIKES YOU!" she says. "shut up its not like that. No boy likes me like that." you reply blushing. "uh are you kidding? every boy within a 10 point radius likes you!." You stopped listenin to her... what you were really thinkng was *did someone try to kill me? and WHO?*
  7. You go to the locker room to change when you'notice the cut is....
  9. tell me if i should make part 2. there will be alot of magic and mystery and guys an stuff in pt 2

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