Closer Together Part 2

Whats Eric hiding? Does Matt like you? And why are your parents gone... for several hours? Nobody knows... A secret is lingering in the air. But the question is, whats the secret?

Skye/you: Dirty blond hair,tan skin, hazel eyes, tall and skinny (ur pretty enough 2 be a super model and guys at school think your hot XDD) Matt: six pack, dirty blond hair, green eyes, tall and fit. Eric: black hair, blue eyes, tall, fit, mysterious...

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. you walk into the locker room and notice that your cut is... is HEALED. 'huh!?" you say to yourself. It looked as if nothing happened at all... -am i imagining it?- you think. You look up and see Matt heading to the locker room, he looks at you and blushes. -wait does he LIKE me!?- you think. Then you think about Eric... what did he mean by TROUBLE?!
  2. Soon school was over, you see Matt waiting for you at the door for you. "Hey" he says. -wow he didnt blush this time lol- you think, bfore quickly saying hey back. no one talked.... after a while you broke the silence. "What did you mean when you said I was special~? special to you... or what?" you ask. "oh I just meant well we've been best friends for 11 years so DUH your special to me!" he says. you smile. "oh btw your mom said I can spend the night since we r both leaving tomorrow" he tells you. "Ok!" you say. Then ya'll get to your house
  3. *MATT'S POV* - I like her... but how do I tell her?- he thinks. Look at her... her bright eyes.. everything about her. But she doesnt know.. she cant. Not until her birthday. Crud were gonna need so much help... even me.- Oh crud theres that jerk Eric. Well hes not a jerk he just likes her... i guess. ugh.
  4. *BACK 2 YOUR POV* We walk up and see Eric. "eric?" you say confused. "hey" he says with a grin. "Whatcha doin?" he asks. "Nothing much. Just homework and stuff." you reply. Matt goes inside saying "I'll meet you in your room.". You nod. "what did you mean by trouble Eric?" u ask. "oh idk why?"He says. "oh idk just the fact that a scoreboard fell and almost KILLED ME!" you exclaim. He looks shocked. Wha... You turn around and go inside b4 waiting for his answer
  5. You see a note on the kitchen table. You read it out loud: Dear Skylar, Me and ur dad will be back in a few-several hours. Matt can spend the night. DONT TRY ANYTHING FANCY: Kissing,hugging,holding hands, kissing, ETC. Love Mom.
  6. You hear a laugh behind you. You turn around and see Matt. He's holding something behind his back. He looks over your shoulder at the list. "Hmm no kissing, huggin,holding hands... lol like THATS ever gona happen... except maybe hugging and holding hands." he grins at you in a goofy smile. -oh gawsh when he does that smile he looks like a cute excited'puppy dog... Perfect...- wait snap outta it Skye!
  7. He holds your wrist, leans in, and BAM, smashes a water balloon on your head! "OH ITS ON!" you say while laughing. Ya'll both run outside to where the water balloons are and start throwin them. "MATT SCOTT RICHARDS YOUR GOING DOWN!" You say. he laughs and says "in your dreams!"
  8. *ERICS POV* I look out the window and see Matt and Skye playing. I sigh. The scoreboard.... this is worse than i thought. The dark side is coming. And shes next.
  9. :D hope u liked this! Im busy wit youth group and school and stuff but i will get part 3 out by the end of the week. This part only took 2 hours. (im on my DSI amd it rlly hard 2 type.)
  10. Leave in the comments ideas for more characters. plz rate :3

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