One Step Closer Part 4

Hi guys hope you like them and sorry if you don't know the first part sorry cuz I was new and I didn't know what to do. So sorry again. Thank you if you

Forgive me. I'm sorry if you don't accept this apology. I'm still sorry. I was dumb and stupid. And now gibberish. Ignore this okie! OKIEOKIEOKIEOKIE!

Created by: Andoza

  1. *Talent Show Night* I looked out the stage and saw EVERYONE! Even Leo came with his best friend Dan! It was my turn to go on stage. I took a deep breath, and went on stage. The music started and my heart beated fast. I started to sing. I finally ended the song. Everyone cheered for me! We'll, almost everybody, Leo and Dan weren't cheering! But at least most people clapped. Soon, the talent show ended, the big time producer walked up to me and told me I was that person he was looking for! I felt so happy! Then the ground started to shake! What's happening!
  2. The ground shook and shook. Soon it was breaking! Why! Why is this happening! A monster came out of the ground! It grrrrred and took the producer! It was about to eat him until...
  3. Until my other personality came. My other personality is being a fighter. A fighter that protects people. I had a sword and killed the monster with one slice. Everyone was shocked at me. Leo came and he did something. Everyone blacked out except for Leo, Dan and me. Dan did something that I can't explain. He said "I erased their memory of you fighting this monster." I said "but why.." Leo cut me off "I knew there was something about you. I guess you are her" then he smiled.
  4. I turned back to my other personality. And I saw Leo and Dan. I felt dizzy. "What happened" I asked then blacked out.
  5. I woke up the next morning not remembering what happened yesterday. It was Saturday so I did my usual things I do on Saturday. I dressed up, went downstairs, got some food then relaxed on the couch watching tv. The doorbell rang. "Ugh, when I finally get comfortable" I said. I got up and opened the door. "What" I said. Leo and Dan were at the door. "Can we come in?" Dan asks.
  6. "No " I said. But when I tried to close the door Leo kept it open. "WILL YOU NOT DO THAT!" I yelled. "Why?" Dan asked. "CUZ I SLEPT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED!!!" I said still yelling. "Can we just talk?" Leo asked. "NO" I said still yelling. "Sophia who's at the door?" Said a tired voice upstairs.
  7. (Amanda's POV) "CUZ I SLEPT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED!!!" What? Why is Sophia yelling? "Can we just talk?" I hear someone else say. I yawn and went a fourth down the stairs. "Sophia who's at the door?" I asked. Then I saw Leo and Dan. "AHHH!" I screamed when I saw them and ran to get dressed.
  8. (Dan's POV) "Who was that?" I asked. "That's my twin sister Amanda." Sophia answered. Good she isn't yelling anymore. I thought to myself. "Anyways" Leo said "Let us just-" "JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT" Sophia cut him off. Leo looked like he was getting annoyed. "WE WERE.... We were just going to explain what had happened and what's going to happen okay." Leo yelled but calmed himself down. "Can we just talk. Please. It's important" I said to her. "Fine" she said and went outside and closed the door behind her.
  9. (Sophia's POV) What do they want? I thought to myself. "You can't remember what happened yesterday because your other personality got to you." Dan said. What is he talking about? "He's talking about that your other personality that protects people from harm. You have to learn to control your personality and your anger too." Leo explained. "And how do I do that?" I said in a non-believing way. "We can teach you." Dan and Leo said at the same time.
  10. To be continued...

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