One Step Closer Part 3

Okay so on this one Sophia apologizes to Leo. A new character is introduced. His name is Daniel A.K.A. Dan A.K.A. Leo's best friend. There is a talent

Show in the school and Amanda tries to be in it and be famous. But does she make it? Find out. Sophia also tries out. But does she make it? Read and find out.

Created by: Andoza

  1. After the weekend, you went to school. Just another normal day. After school you went to see Leo. "Hey, Leo." You say. "Oh, hi Sophia. How are you feeling?" He asked. "I'm good. I feel a lot better. Anyways, sorry for collapsing on the middle of our presentation on Friday." You apologize to him. "It's okay. We got an A+ anyways." Leo told you." "And thanks for bringing me to the nurse." You thanked him. "Sure." He says. "Bye" you say to him. "Bye" he says to you as you strolled off.
  2. (Leo's POV) How come she doesn't seem to like me? She is the very first person who just acted to me as just a normal person. That is a girl. I thought to myself. "Hey Leo! You coming?" Leo's best friend, Daniel, asked him. Daniel had golden blond hair, green eyes, and had light skin. "Ya" I replied back. And we rode our bike back home.
  3. (Daniel's POV) "Hey Dan?" Leo asked. "Hmmm." I said. "You know the girl that collapsed in our science presentation?" Leo asked. Before I could answer Leo went on. "Well, she seems different. Different than the other girls. She just..... just...... just acts like I'm another normal guy. There is something special about her, but I can't put my finger on it." The rest of the ride was silent.
  4. (Amanda's POV) "Amanda, can you get your sister please?" My mom said. " Okay." I said. I tried to find Sophia. Once I saw her, I saw that she was with Leo! I raged and thought in my head I AM GOING TO KILL HER!!! I saw her leave. I went to go to her and said, "Sophia, mom says we have to go. C'mon!"
  5. (Back to Sophia's POV) The next day..... (Announcements) *As you students may know, there will be a talent show and there would be a very famous person there to find a client. You could become famous and make other people famous too. The talent show auditions will start next week after school on Monday. It will be in the auditorium. You have to sign up in the office so you know when you you will be assigned to perform for the judges.*
  6. When I learned that there was a talent show I thought I guess I could try it. I bet Amanda probably want to audition too.
  7. (Amanda POV) "What should I do in the talent show?" I asked myself. "I guess I could dance! What's wrong with dancing anyways?" I have to go on Tuesday.
  8. (Back to Sophia's POV) "Maybe I should sing, but what song....." I said in a whisper to myself. "Maybe Problem by Ariana Grande? Ya I should do Problem!" I said in a cheery voice then I started practicing. I have to go on Tuesday. Like Amanda.
  9. *Tuesday, After School* Amanda was first to audition, I was second. Amanda danced pretty bad if you ask me. When it was my turn, I sang my heart out. The judges LOVED it!
  10. To be continued....

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