How Random Are You?

Are you random or weird in any way? Do people say that you act strange or take a step away from you as they pass you in the hall? Well, if so, don't take it seriously. Take this test!

Step one: Scroll down to the first question. Step two: Answer the first question. Step three: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all questions. Step five: Click "submit". Step six: Read your results. Huh? Where's step four? There isn't a step four. Now, you may begin.

Created by: Kate
  1. What do unicorns eat?
  2. Would you like some pie?
  3. And some Kool-Aid as well?
  4. *randomly screams* PUT A BANANA IN YOUR EAR!!!
  5. *turns on Charlie the Unicorn*
  6. Guess what?
  7. Justin Bieber is having a free concert at your house tonight!
  8. Are bananas ninjas?
  9. *screams at the top of my lungs*
  10. I just ate a chocolate-chip cookie.
  11. Is this the last question?
  12. Ha-ha! This is actually the last question, right?
  13. What's your favorite color?
  14. The end.

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Quiz topic: How Random am I?