Think Of A Number 1-5...Now Let Me Guess It!

Step One: Choose a number between one and five. Step Two: Without cheating, answer each question honestly. Step Three: Click submit to see your answer.

Step Four: Rate. Step Five: Think about what you're saying and if it's nessecary before you comment. Step Six: Post your comment. Step Seven: Take some more of my quizzes! Thank you so much for choosing me!

Created by: xendocheionology

  1. Is your number even or odd?
  2. Does your number have straight lines, curley lines, or mixed?
  3. When I multiply your number by two will I get 6?
  4. If I square your number, will the product have an odd number as the first digit?
  5. Are you going to cheat? (effect)
  6. Is the number that you're thinking of the same as the amount of letters in your name?
  7. If I subtract 6 from 10, will I get your number?
  8. If I add 102 to your number, will I get 105?
  9. Can I divide ten by your number?
  10. Is your number a common women's dress size?
  11. Remember that this is only a quiz so I probably didn't get your number right but I've tried my hardest so bear with me here and don't be a jerk in the comments if I'm wrong.

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