The Seacret Life of an American Teenager Quiz!

Well you do have the brains but not exactly for this quiz. see your book smart nottv smart, but thats ok and thats why many people in your life respect you more.... You do like the show your just not a finatic but i bet if you watched it more you would get closer and closer to being one.!

WOW, you must be a genious. you knew just about everything in that quiz. CONGRATS, you are the winner. lol jk there actually is no prize, sorry .:) I bet you just watched mondays show and are dyin for next monday to just come around already so you can watch it again!

Created by: Felicia
  1. Who is Amy Dateing?
  2. Amy had a babby , who is the father?
  3. What did Amy name her babby?
  4. What is Amy's sisters name?
  5. Who's father died in a plane crash?
  6. Who got married?
  7. Is Jack's father a priest?
  8. Did George get his tubes tied?
  9. Who are Amy's parents?
  10. Who are Georges two gay friends?
  11. What coloris Ashleys new room?
  12. Wher does Ricky live?

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