How American are you?

American is not something that is given to you, it is earned. It is a way of life and you need to stay focused on it. Do you want to find out how American you are? Well little roper, take this quiz and find out!

Howdy Everbody! I'm Cletus Tooker and I want to know just how American you are! Stay honest in this quiz and remember, being American isn't a choice - It's a life choice.

Created by: Cletus
  1. When you see a foreigner on the road hitch-hikin', would you pick them up?
  2. If you see an engine in someone front lawn, do you think:
  3. Would you prefer a cheeseburger over a salad?
  4. Is your favorite color 'flannel'?
  5. Do you hang a picture of President Bush above your bed?
  6. Do you find a mild attraction to a family member?
  7. Do you own an American vehicle?
  8. Do you own a foreign vehicle?
  9. Do you walk more than a mile a day?
  10. Do you eat a scoop of ice-cream in one bite?
  11. Do you have a mullet or have ever had a mullet?
  12. Do you own large beltbuckels?
  13. Do you watch films in a foreign language?
  14. Do you frequently receive calls from bill collectors?
  15. Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?
  16. Do you care about natural disasters in other places? (I.e. China)
  17. Is Cletus at a wise man?
  18. Are you proud to be an American?

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Quiz topic: How American am I?