Are You An American

There are many people that "live" in this great melting pot we call the U.S.A. But are all of us as American as we think? Probably not! Haven't you ever wondered if you really belong here? Maybe you just never felt quite right about where you ended up...

So Are you a True American? Do you embody the values and tradition of Americana? Do you value the freedom that our brave men and women have fought and died to give you? Take the Quiz and see!

Created by: Tim Wallach of Uncle Tim's Bargain Basement
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  1. Do You Speak English At A Proficient Level
  2. When asked what nationality youare is there or has there ever been a Hyphen somewhere in your answer?
  3. You Believe America Is:
  4. Do You Consider Yourself A Multiculturalist?
  5. Apon swaring an oath of citizenship, you believe one should
  6. "American Values" find their origin in:
  7. Would you personally pay any price for Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness?
  8. Do You Celebrate Christmas?
  9. Given The Choice You would Rather:
  10. Do You Find Bill Mahr Funny, Intelligent , Or Entertaining?

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