The Secret Life of An American Teenager Quiz

The quiz is all about the secret life of an american teenager. It asks questions about all four episodes so far and ask for commen show knowledge, i know that this description seems dumb but it has a certain length, so blah, talk ,whatever just take it!

Take the quiz cuz its a good one and again it has to be a ceratin length so i'm going to keep blabbing on about nothing so it will let me submit this quiz so anywas comment, i/m me cuz i'll answer question, or just to chat, no rules for instant messgae, but dont bug me hahahha justkididng well dont but i dont care if you i/m even if i'm busy! so do the contests && you cna win prizes write your own review and write opinions! whatever kayy love you guyss bye!

Created by: Ashley
  1. Who's mother did was once married to Amy's father?
  2. What are the names of amy's friends?
  3. Who is the father of Amy's child?
  4. What instrument does Amy play?
  5. What instrument does Ricky play?
  6. After episode four who is Jack going out with?
  7. What channel is The secret life on?
  8. Who is Amy dating?
  9. What is the school that the teenagers go to?
  10. What did Grace do to punish herself in the episode "Caught"?

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