What The Closer character are you?

this is a quiz about my absoulty most favorite show on tv the closer. it is on the tnt channel and is a drama. kyra sedgwick is the lead character brenda leigh johnson

brenda has a tough time balancing work and home. on the show some other characters include (these are thier characters names) fritz howard, will pope, and provenza

Created by: becky

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who do you think you are most like
  2. what type of a person are you
  3. do you have a sweet tooth? :-)
  4. were you or are you being raised with good southern values
  5. what color hair do you have
  6. pick one
  7. if you had to would you work the same day as your wedding
  8. do your inlaws annoy you
  9. pick a color
  10. do you like my quiz
  11. okay okay sorry one more do you have a habit you are trying to kick or are kicking

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Quiz topic: What The Closer character am I?