Closer Together Part 18

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THIS IS THE LAST PART OF CLOSER TOGETHER!!!! The new series will be starting tomorrow and yes it continues this one! Ok hope ya like this!! Bye!!! lol

THIS IS THE LAST PART OF CLOSER TOGETHER!!!! The new series will be starting tomorrow and yes it continues this one! Ok hope ya like this!! Bye!!! lol READ ON

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. *YOUR POV* I look up, my face stained with tears. Flame's gone. i look back down at my sister, her eyes flutter open "Jade... you need this to defeat Flame.." she hands me a purple stone. I start to cry and then her eyes flutter shut again and she takes her last breath. I look at the stone again and put it in my pocket. And i stay with her until someone finds me.
  2. *JAKE'S POV* Zach and I wonder around looking for Jade" All of a sudden we hear a sobbing noise. I run in the direction of the crying and see Jade. Shes sitting over someone and i can tell their dead. "Jade.. follow us, we want to show you something" Zach says gently. "Leave me alone!" she snaps at us. I take her hand and gently pull her up, 'Please, you can trust us" i say. She jerks away and begins to follow us. We go further into the woods, im looking for a place to take her. Zach nudges me and nods towards something ahead of us. Its a house... "Where are we going?" Jade asks quietly. "You'll see" i say and then pull her towards the house. "Stay here with Zach" i tell her. Zach holds her hand and i look around for a room, finally i find a attic. I go back to Jade and pull her along with me. "Go in" i instruct her. She looks at me suspiciously and then slowly walks in. I quickly slam the door and break the doorknob so she cant get out. "JAKE!!! ZACH!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! UGH" she starts screaming. And i just reply with 4 simple words. "You'll thank us later" Then we leave.
  3. *SCOURGES POV* Zach still wasn't back and it has been like 2 hours. Something was definitely up. Not to mention the fact NOBODY knows where we are except probably me. I start looking around and i run into Garrett. "Sc- scourge, i have been looking everywhere for you." he says, then stops to catch his breath. "Whats up!?" i ask him. "Ok well, i overheard Jake and Zach talking about taking Jade somewhere safe, and she didn't wanna go.. well i think they took her anyway" he tells me in a worried voice. "WHAT!?" I yell. "We need to find her and fast. And if i find Jake or Zach, they're dead."
  4. *YOUR POV* I scream in frustration and kick the door. It moves a little, i kick it again as hard as i can until theres enough room for me to get out. I lean back against the door and sigh in relief. Then i run outside. Its time for a battle, and this time IM going to win. I pull the purple stone out of my pocket and clench it in my hand. 'Hey its ok, im safe... but its time for the battle. And i need your help' i think to Garrett. He doesn't reply... all of a sudden there's an explosion behind me, my ears ring and i can barely hear. The only thing i hear are the screams of my dying friends... The explosion had swept me off my feet and i land heavily on my leg. I groan and try to move, the blood and dirt covering me. My ear stops ringing but i can tell my leg is broken. I look behind me and Jake and Zach's body is lying on the ground.... their dead. Flame killed 2 people when they were right behind me. Then i'd better watch out, if i want to survive.
  5. There's blood and dirt all around me and i notice a few feet away Garrett's laying unconsious. I drag myself up as a shadow appears coming closer every second. Its Flame. "Well look how weak and pathetic you are" he says cruelly. I look down and see the stone still in my clenched fist. "Is this the end?" Garrett asks. I guess he woke up. I stare at him confidently and answer 'No, its just the beginning" then i throw the stone straight at Flame. It begins to glow and seems to be taking something... its taking his powers. He can't fight and he cant win now. His face looks cruel but quickly turns to fear as he falls down. Someone stabbed him.. and it was Scourge.
  6. "Scourge.." i cry out weakly. He walks over and looks at me sadly. "Jade to save your life i have to risk mine... Goodbye." he says. "WHAT NO!!!" I scream. Im so confused. The last thing i see is Scourge stabbing himself with the sword. The minute he dies sudenly im healed. I can walk, and i can breathe. I look over at Garrett to make sure he's ok. I can leave now and go back to my life.. its all over now. I walk around until i find the stone, i pick it up and put it in my pocket. "What are ya gonna do with that?" Garrett asks me. I laugh a little. "I dont know, maybe give it to our kid" i tell him. He looks shocked and then stares at me. "That was a joke right..?" he asks me nervously. I give him a warm smile. "Yeah it was a joke" He hugs me, its time to return back to our old lifes.. wherever his was anyway. Im 16 and still have 2 more years of highschool. I should live them while i can. But yet this will be an adventure i will never forget.
  7. Bye!!!! :) THE SERIES CONTINUING THIS WILL BE CALLED: Just the beginning
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