Chris Farley Quiz

Ok first off this quiz should be fun and enjoyable but at the same time hard. NO CHEATING. Cheaters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law also if you don't know why I'm living in a van down by the river don't take this quiz its because I'm thrice divorced and I don't wipe properly, think this quiz is still worth it?? Throwing away your life to delve into a life of Farley?

This quiz isn't for the faint hearted and should be taken by a person knows their way around, but if you pass this quiz I'll be insanely impressed but thanks for listening to me rant for way to long.

Created by: Shawn
  1. What is the university he attended in real life and in "Tommy Boy"
  2. In Tommy Boy, what is the grade he gets to finally graduate??
  3. What sport does Tommy Callahan play while in college?
  4. What camp was Chris Farley a counselor at?
  5. What business was Chris Farley's father in, along with his brother?
  6. Where did Chris first do improv comedy?
  7. Who was Chris' "Kit Kat"?
  8. What episode was his infamous "Chippendale's" sketch on?
  9. Who was the host of that episode?
  10. What date did he die?
  11. What three "boys" has Chris been credited for in sketches and movies?
  12. "Shut Up _________"?
  13. Chris Farley was upset with David Spade on the set of "Tommy Boy" for hanging out with which co star?
  14. Matt Foley was inspired and named by Chris's?

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