The Tommyboy Quiz

Are fat, ugly and possibly have a slight case of mental retardation? Do you love eating and long road trips? THEN THIS IS THE QUIZ FOR YOU! This is the Tommyboy Quiz. We all want to be like him. But who among us actually is? Take the quiz and find out.

Do you LOVE Chris Farley movies? Then take this quiz about one of his finest works of art. The Tommyboy Quiz. Find out if you should actually legally change your name to Tommy Callahan!

Created by: John

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  1. Do you enjoy putting a slender coat around your disgusting, fat and bloated body while waving your arms back and forth?
  2. Your brother ccomes up to greet you. What do you do?
  3. Finish the sentence. "I can a good look at a bull's butt by sticking my head up there but..."
  4. There were signers of the Declaration of Independence. Among them were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and...
  5. Have you ever eaten paint chips as a kid?
  6. This lyric is from what musical group. "Don't you remember you told me ya loved me baby. You said you'd be comin' back this way again baby..."
  7. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  8. What seems like a likely career option for you?
  9. Which description sounds most like you?
  10. Which of these best describes your moto?
  11. You're walking past a pretty girl. What do you do?
  12. What is your reaction when you miss the bus?
  13. What would you enjoy most seeing?
  14. Where do you live?
  15. Which of these would you most likely do?
  16. What do enjoy doing with your friends?
  17. How many years of college do you plan attending if any?

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