what is your mental disorder?

This is in no way a diagnosis so don't go by this quiz, but it's just to give a hint of if you do or do not have a mental disorder, I am in no way making fun of any of these topics as I know they are. serious things.

Find out what mental disorder you could possibly be battling with. Do not that this as a full diagnosis as I am not a professional, I just make quizzes and I have taken a lot of quizzes like this.

Created by: Lili
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  1. Do you often doubt yourself?
  2. Do you have the need to clean things before you touch them?
  3. Do you get dramatic mood swings?
  4. Are you easily emotionally triggered?
  5. Is there a certain number you count to while doing certain tasks?
  6. Are you always feeling like people are judging you?
  7. Are you bullied?
  8. Is there any history of mental illness in your family?
  9. Do you skip meals so you can loose weight?
  10. Lastly, do you have a low self esteem?

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Quiz topic: What is my mental disorder?