Are you emotionally numb?

Disclaimer: this quiz was not made by an expert. It was only created by a random guy on the net as a means of detecting emotional numbness. I, this quiz's creator, have signs of the disorder.

However, I have not received an official diagnosis. This quiz therefore is not mean to officially diagnosis, cure, treat or prevent emotional numbness or any mental or neurological disorder. Please take this quiz with an open mind and heart.

Created by: SomeCharacter33
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Have you lost interest in things you once enjoyed?
  4. Do you feel distanced or detached from others?
  5. Do you fail to access feelings?
  6. Do you feel physically and emotionally flat?
  7. Do you experience an inability to fully participate in society?
  8. Do you have difficulty experiencing positive emotions such as happiness?
  9. Do you prefer isolation to being with others?
  10. Are you forgetful, in need of a special database to store your passwords, hateful, and/or scared of being racist and/or sexist? Do you want to die? Are you misanthropic? Is anyone in your family and/or friend (nuclear, extended, distant or otherwise) circles abusive and or manipulative? Embittered? Can you see little to no redemption in anyone, including you? Would you join the aliens if they invaded, even if an expert could legit prove they were truly unrighteous? Do you have excretory incontinence of any kind? Do you poop squatting outside to save as much toilet water as possible? Would you die of fright if you actually saw your eco footprint, even if it was beneficial for the environment? Do you believe only might is right? Do you see your wish as being others' command? Do you believe in any conspiracy theory of any type? Do you watch propaganda films? Are you omnicidal (i.e., believe the galaxy and all in it to be a potential cancer)? Do you believe a good offense is the only true defense? Do you believe there to be no such things as experts on anything? Only opinions, accusations, red herrings, straw men and outright lies? Do you think no one loves each other or even you? Do…

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Quiz topic: Am I emotionally numb?