Charmed quiz: super hard

There are many experts, but few Charmed experts. Charmed experts are, I have to admit, quite smart. What is a Charmed expert? a Charmed expert is someone who is crazy about Charmed and knows everything about it.

Are you a charmed expert? Do you have the smarts to pass this quiz? we might never know, unless you take this quiz to find out. I hope you do well. :)

Created by: MaKady
  1. In which episode in season 1 did Phoebe say: "If it walks like a warlock, and talks like a warlock..."
  2. what color was Paige's hair in season 5?
  3. Prue Has turned into everyone of the following EXCEPT...
  4. What color shirt is Piper wearing in season 4 episode 6 "Brain Drain"?(Hint:before the demon takes her)
  5. What powers does Wyatt have?
  6. What day is Chris born and what is his FULL name?
  7. Who played Billie's parents?
  8. How Many episodes was Christy in?
  9. Who played Wyatt
  10. Who was originally cast to play Phoebe?
  11. How many episodes are there in total (hint:there are 22 episodes in almost every season)

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