Charmed Forever

Do you really know your charmed? Now here is the secound ultimite test to test what have you been reading on my website! Answer what you can! and when you know more stuff come back and answer more!

Sorry i have nothing else to say they made me. As you can see, Many characters comes back to life. This might be innapropeote for kids 0-10 Kids older have no problems thanks!

Created by: johnathan miller

  1. Who is Phil?
  2. Who did Phil pretend to be?
  3. What was the night club's name?
  4. Who was Jo Taylor?
  5. What main evil came back at the season finale?
  6. Who is Phoebe madly in love with?
  7. WHo made a special apperence?
  8. Who is James Diamond
  9. What is the biggest thign that happened to Phil?
  10. What happened to Paige?

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