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Hello! Welcome to Brian Johnson's My Parent's Are Aliens quiz about Brian Johnson. Test your knowledge on the almighty Brianius and one day you could be as good as me my friend.

Do you know everything about me, my wife Sophie (oops she is a bit cut off in my picture there, alwell) and our earth children? Let's see, but be quick before Mel notices I'm using her laptop..

Created by: MyParentsRAliens

  1. How did we crash to Earth in the beginning?
  2. Why did we decide to foster children? (and Josh)
  3. What is the name of the social worker who let us have the children?
  4. What was the saftey-obsessed boy called who Mrs Reece (oops) suggested we should foster?
  5. Why did Sophie go to Lucy's math's night?
  6. Is Trent a boy or a girl?
  7. What is my favourite thing about my lovely wife Sophie?
  8. What is Mel's full name?
  9. When I created Brianism and the book of Brian, who thought it was stupid?
  10. Who is the best?

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