How well do you know Brian?

You have probably seen him somewhere out in town. Possibly even talked to him. But do you know him? Find out how well you know Brian with this quiz. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Do you Know Brian? Have you spent a good deal of time getting to know him? Find out the truth in that matter by taking this quiz to see "How well do you know Brian?"

Created by: Brian

  1. Where would you go to find Brian on a Friday or Saturday night?
  2. Where was Brian born?
  3. How many kids does Brian have?
  4. How many siblings does Brian have?
  5. What month is Brian's B-day in?
  6. Where would you find Brian on a sunday night?
  7. What is Brian's middle name?
  8. What color is Brian's eyes?
  9. How many tattoo's does Brian have?
  10. You want to buy Brian a drink, what do you buy?
  11. Your broke down and you call Brian for help, what is his response?
  12. How old is Brian?
  13. What does Brian do for a living?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Brian?