Brian McFadden a True Fan Quiz

Come and take the true fan test and see how much you know about Brian McFadden come and answer the simple questions that any true fan would know are you up to the challenge?

Think You know Brian McFadden well come and test your knowlege On the Irish Son In This Quiz will you be a true Fan step up to the plate and find out?

Created by: Geraldine

  1. What was the first song Brian performed at the start of his concert's on his tour in 05
  2. What Westlife songs did Brian perform on his tour
  3. Whats Brian's favorite tipple
  4. what McDolnalds did Brian work in in Dublin
  5. What was the 5th Song Brian sang @ his album lanch gigs
  6. What Was Brian's 05 tour called
  7. When was Brian's debut album released
  8. Where was the first time Real To Me was sang back to Brian
  9. How many times did Brian present Childlie
  10. Whats Brian's shoe size

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