Barclays Premier League Quiz

This quiz is about the English Barclays Premeir League! I gave this quiz to football fans at a game and only 2 people got 100%. Do you think you can beat them?

Questions about, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Sunderland, Newcastle, Blackburn, and many other teams are included, with a few mentions of over-seas teams!

Created by: sunderland

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  1. Who scored Sunderland's first goal in there 3 - 0 win over Chelsea?
  2. 4 teams have won the Premier League, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and who else?
  3. Who scored the first ever Premier League goal?
  4. Who was the only team Derby County beat when they were relegated with a record low of 11 points?
  5. What is the name of the Dutch goalkeeper Manchester United bought from Fulham?
  6. Which player has scored in every Premier League season up to 2010/2011?
  7. Sunderland loaned Ahmed Elmohamady from which club?
  8. Manchester received a world record fee from Real Madrid for a player, but who was it?
  9. Chelsea striker Didier Drogba plays for which African national team?
  10. For which club did Kevin Phillips score 30 goals in one season?
  11. Which Midfielder did Carlos Tevez join West Ham with?

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