The spl flight quiz

This quiz is all about your knowledge for the SPL. SPL stands for Scottish Premier League which is all to do with football(soccer). This quiz is all questions about the clubs in the Scot Prem. There are twelve clubs in the SPL . They are all competetive and challenge the Celts for the title .

Football is an amazingly popular sport with millions of fans come to see their teams play . The game is said to be the most popular sport in the world . Now there is games ,magizines ,stickers and now theres even quizzes you can try one here right now and it will only take a few minutes !!!!!!

Created by: calum of this site
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  1. What SPL football team begins with an A ?
  2. In summer 2008 what Romanian player did Celtic sign
  3. What colour strip do Dundee United play in ?
  4. Falkirks midfield star is from trinidad and tobago but what is his name ?
  5. Who was Hearts top scorer from Czech Republic in 2006 ?
  6. Who is Hibs derby team ?
  7. What animal do Inverness have on their badge ?
  8. Kilmarnock play in what colours ?
  9. Motherwell play in what stadium ?
  10. What is Rangers 2008 manager ?

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