Premier League Season 2009-10

This is a quiz for everyone who followed the Premier League last season. It will test your knowledge and how well you remember things. It's not too hard, so give it a go!

Some of the questions are: Who was the top scorer? Which team didn't win away all season? Know the answers to any of these questions? You should do well in the quiz.

Created by: Lukas Ordinas

  1. Who scored the most goals (29) in the campaign?
  2. Who got the most assists (17) in the campaign?
  3. Which team went the full season without winning away?
  4. Who finished fourth, grabbing the last ticket to the Champions League?
  5. Wigan suffered the worst defeat of the season, which was 9-1. Who beat them?
  6. Which team got the most clean sheets? (19)
  7. Darren Bent played when Sunderland beat his old club Tottenham 3-1. Which one of these is true?
  8. Which one of these players scored the quickest hat-trick of the season? (6 minutes)
  9. In PFA's Team Of The Year, who is the goalkeeper?
  10. Which one of these teams didn't get relegated?

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