Aspersion: part 2

Before you guys tell at me I want to apologize for not getting this out earlier. I had a terrible case of writers block these last two months. I seriously could not think of anything at all.

So after two months this is what I came up with. Please let me know what you think. And I apologize again. I hope you guys find it interesting cuz like I said this is two months of ideas right here. I know it probably won't be good tough so anyways continue child.

Created by: Milkyway62

  1. If you haven't read Aspersion: part 1 you should go read it so you can be filled in on what happened. So let us continue shall we!
  2. I gasped and let the letter fall from my hand. I had no idea as to what I should do. I was in a strange land with strange people. The only people I could trust were Alice and Marissa. But they were probably fast asleep in their rooms. I decided to wait until morning to do something. Dharza emitted a soft growl. "What's wrong?" I whispered.' There is a person waiting outside. They are about to knock. It's a male.' Just then I heard a small knock come from my door. I got up quietly and Dharza followed, his paws making a soft pitter-patter sound. I reached for the handle and decided against it."who is it?" I asked timidly. A voice I didn't recognize said,"Just open the door." I looked down at Dharza and he nodded.'He means no harm. Open it. I will be here.' Then he settled himself right there on the floor. I opened the door cautiously. A boy stood alone in the doorway. I didn't recognize him at first but then the facial structure came to me. Cole.
  3. "What do you want?" I asked slightly annoyed that he had bothered to show up. The corners of his mouth turned slightly upwards." What? I'm not allowed to talk to you?" He said." What do you want?" I repeated. He held up his hands defensively." Hey all I came here for was to say sorry for earlier. I bumped into you but I thought that Britt had sent you. So will you accept my apology?" I saw his eyebrows go up slowly, his anticipation probably getting the better of him." Fine. But I don't want anything to do with that priss. She seems like she could be the Princess of Bodlashar." I said. His eyes widened a little
  4. Realizing my mistake, I tried to quickly clean it up." Um I know what your thinking. You probably think that I'm crazy but its just a.....saying we use uh back home." 'What?! How does that make any sense?' I thought. I heard Dharza purr softly. I wondered what I had done to make him do so and then I realized what it was. He was laughing! Cole's brows furrowed. What was that?" He asked alarmed. I stopped thinking. I tried to play dumb." What was what?" "It came from inside your room." He said trying to look past me and into my room.' A curious one he is.' said Dharza." I didn't hear anything." Please don't keep digging, please, please, please! Just go back to not wondering about it. I begged silently." Hmmm." "So is that all then?" I looked into his eyes.
  5. They were a blue color such like the Caspian Sea. His hair reminded me of the sand back home. I looked him over. Hopefully not noticeably. He was not hugely muscular but it was a soft kind of muscular. It looked normal. I heard him chuckle and I looked up." What?" I asked." Nothing." He smiled." So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang sometime? I could show you around town and give you tips on the people here. When do classes start for you?" " In five days." I answered. His eyes grew wide." Seriously?!" He sounded amazed. I giggled. " No. I was just pulling your lug. I start in three days, on Monday." He sighed. " I was gonna say" he smiled again. His teeth were perfectly straight and a bright white. I couldn't help but smile. "Ok. That sounds good. When would you want me to meet you?" "I didn't actually think you would say yes!" He ran his fingers through his hair." Um, how bout later today? Lets say around three fifteenish? That sound ok?" I nodded." Yea." He grinned even bigger." Cool! So I guess I'll see you then." I returned the smile." See you then. Goodnight." I started closing my door when he said," Nobody has ever stood up to Britt like that before. You must have real guts. If I may offer you advice though, she will try her hardest to make your life miserable." His smile faded. I simply shrugged." I don't care about her, but thanks for the heads up." "No prob. Goodnight Cleo." He started heading towards the exit. I softly closed my door until I heard a small click.' So. What will you wear?' said Dharza. I smiled. 'Lets find out later. I'm tired.' So I headed to my big white bed and flopped down. Dharza jumped up as silent as night. ' Sleep well Cleo.' He whispered. 'Sleep well Dharza.' I responded.
  6. My dream was not normal. It was not even remotely average. To be honest, it was kind of terrifying. I was in a building and in the room two men and a woman stood, their faces blank. I noticed a body tied to the chair in front of them. A brown sack covered their head. I couldn't tell if they were dead or not. Then the body stirred. The woman came over and ripped the sack off revealing the bak of a head. They hadn't seen me yet. A mass of messy long hair cascaded down the persons back. "Where is he?" Snarled the woman. The girl sounded frightened and like a hoarse whisper rather than a voice." I don't know. He was there one day and dissapeared the next. He told me something about him leaving but I didn't think anything of it." Her head stayed down. The woman's face contorted into one of annoyance. She put her head to her temples and shook her head." Take her away." She waved her hand vaguely and the men stepped forward. They grabbed the girl roughly and stuffed the sack back on her head. They led her out of the room and left the woman alone. After the door close the woman broke down. She didn't cry but she picked up the chair and threw it against the wall. She screamed and then cried" Where is he?! Where is Jason?!" Then my vision went blurry and I could see no more.
  7. I was standing in my closet looking desperately for something to wear. I had been looking for ages. I looked at the small clock on the wall. Two o' clock. I sighed and kept looking. I eventually stumbled across a black and white striped skirt that went to my mod thigh and a simple black lace bandeau. On top I put a cream muscle tank with tribal print covering it. For shoes I wore black leather boots. To finish it off I grabbed some bronze rings and a couple silver heart necklaces. In the mirror I didn't recognize myself at first. I looked different but I liked it. I walked out to show Dharza.' That looks nice,' he said."Thanks." I looked again at the clock. Two thirty. I still had another thirty five minutes until I had to meet Cole so I decided on sharing my dream with Dharza. After I had finished, Dharza just said,' Only time will tell. Just be prepared.' I sighed and stroked his head. I closed my eyes. I awoke five minutes(or so I thought) later to Dharza.' Don't you have somewhere to be?' I looked at the clock. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it read three-thirteen. I scrambled from my bed and grabbed a black knit sweater I had picked out earlier and my leather satchel. I fumbled with the key as I attempted to get it to fit. When I finally did, Dharaza laughed and said, 'Be prepared and buy it.' 'Buy what?' I thought and ran to meet Cole.
  8. I arrived five minutes late which was ok but still not good. I saw Cole as I sprinted across the field to the parking lot. He was leaning on a shiny blue car. In his hands were a set of keys that he kept playing with. I was pretty sure I had messed up my hair in the process of my Olympic run but I didn't think anything of it at the time. He turned and looked me. Fortunately I had just stopped running and hopefully didn't look like a mess. He smiled." Hey," he said. "Hey." I repeated." So are you ready for your first time into town?" he asked. I nodded." Yea." He flashed me with his white teeth and then went around to the other side and opened the door for me. I thanked him and then climbed in. I sat ther not knowing what to do. Usually when we rode camels, they had reins but this car didn't. It only had a strap on one side of the seat and then a little knob looking thing on the other. Cole opened his door and sat down in his chair. He took the strap and crossed it over his body and slid the squarish metal into the knob. I repeated this process. He slid his set of keys into a slot and turned. The car roared to life. I was fascinated by it all to be honest. The many lights and all of the different knobs and buttons and levers. When was this contraption made and where could I get one?!" So is that ok with you then?" I heard. I was released from my fascination and looked at Cole. I then noticed he had said something." Oh I'm sorry what?" I shook my head trying to clear the thoughts of my dream and fascination of the car. He chuckled under his breath." I asked you if you wanted to go to The Cafe. It's a small cafe and lounge. They sell good food there if you're hungry." I nodded." Ok. That's fine with me." He nodded and then pulled a lever. I saw that it stopped at a letter R and then Cole pulled the car out of the parking lot and then we were on our way to the town.
  9. We were in The Cafe. It was nice inside. It was dim and the smell of sweets and desserts wafted through the air filling my nose. Inhaling as much as possible, I saw that an auction was taking place. There was a lone man selling a tapestry for twenty dollars. It seemed like nobody wanted it so before I could stop myself I raised my hand and the man said," Going once, going twice. Sold to the young lady in the back. Cole rested a gentle hand on my arm and said," You really want it?" I nodded reaching onto my bag for money. I fished out twenty dollars and headed towards the man. He reached out a hand and pulled me on stage. He picked up the tapestry and turned towards me. Be carefully with this one. Its special." He laid the tapestry in my arms and then I handed him the money. He nodded curtly and then stepped off and disappeared into a corner of the cafe. I headed back towards Cole with my prize and we headed towards a table by the windows. Once seated, I spread it out and looked at it more closely. It was about the size of a large pillow. It was of an owl, a frightened one at that and it was in flight. It looked as if the owl was coming towards me it's yellow eyes wide and feathers bright white against the stormy background. Lightening flashed in the distance. The sky was a deep indigo and sinister looking trees dominated the upper half of the tapestry, the owl on the bottom.' Maybe this was what Dharza told me to buy.' I thought." It's nice," said Cole. I nodded in agreement."Yea. It is." I rolled it up and tucked it safely into my bag.
  10. A lady came over and greeted us. Her name was Lily and she told us what the day's specials were and what we wanted to drink. Cole asked for a hot chocolate. When it was my turn I asked for the same thing not knowing what it was. I just didn't want to look stupid in front of Cole. Lily wrote this information on a pad of paper and then left to fetch our drinks." So what do you think of Penn State High?" Cole asked. I shrugged." I haven't really been here long enough yet but it seems ok."
  11. We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing through various shops. Cole showed me where to find the grocery store and the movie theater. We went inside the grocery store and I bought some cat treats and bacon strips for Dharza. I hoped he liked that. Oh well. I fingered the tapestry in my bag while we were in line. A small tingling sensation shot up my arm. I shuddered and pulled my hand out.
  12. Around 5:30, we headed back to P.S.( Penn State). The whole ride back we sent in mild silence. The only words exchanged were,"Did you like the town?", on Cole's part. On my part," Yea." Back at my dorm, Cole said thanks for coming and then have me his number. I entered mine into his phone as well. I replied with a thanks and a goodnight. Then we parted ways. I closed the door behind me, turned the latch and Scrambled to Dharza to look at the tapestry.' I told you to buy it.' "I know. Thanks for the heads up." He nodded. Spreading out the tapestry, I swear I could hear the thunder rumble and see the lighting flash. I put my hand on the owl. The tingling sensation returned. Heat filled the room and then suddenly, the room exploded with light. Blinded, I slammed my eyes shut and found my way to Dharza. As soon as I could grasp his fur, the light ceased and all was quiet. I rubbed my sore eyes with the butts of my palms and tried to make out the shapes in my room. When my eyes returned back to normal, I saw an outline that hasn't been there before. Then I screamed. The tapestry had been changed. There was no owl. On the floor was a boy.

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