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  • You are slytherins true heir.

    You exhibit every characteristic associated with Salazar Slytherin. You don't keep a snake as a pet, you have one that is your best friend. I'll bet you have deep philosophical discussions with it in parseltongue. Your shrewd and cunning leadership is quietly taking over Hogwart's and soon the world.

    very offensive! i dont care for the Dark Lord! i am a GOOD Slytherin!

  • Your Result: You are not the true heir of Slytherin

    If you are related to Salazar Slytherin, you are a third cousin, twice removed. While you will not be leading the charge in the fight against Slytherin's true heir, you will more than likely be fighting on their side.

    Third cousin twice removed? How can you be a thrid cousin? And removed? (sorry i'm kinda bad at these things) But yah, I can't be Slytherin's true heir, because Slytherin's heir is Tom Marvolo Riddle or something. Good quiz, though.

  • Of course I’m Slytherin’s true heir

  • YEEEEEE I KNEWS IT! I am slytherinÅ› heir... prob cause im daughter of voldemort, but still.


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