Are You Realy A Good Boyfriend?

there are smart people like you who is taking the test i know you can do it really and u should get 100 so yeah and if u dont i will cry my eyes out but i will still love you Stefan Wishka!! and the genius is you if you get all the questions right cuz they are easy and one clue is that some of the questionms i asked you and i gave you the answer and while you are taking the test no asking me the same questions ok thnaxs for your time to read this!

Are you really a genuis and do you really know me like that because you should!! If you got 100 on this quiz you are a genuis and you really know me wow i knew you could do it! great you are a true boyfriend!

Created by: amazon

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Will i Love Forever
  2. How long Have we Been going out
  3. How Old am I?
  4. What do u think of me?
  5. Do i have pets?
  6. Am i In love ?
  7. Do i go to school and what school and if i do what school
  8. How many kids do i want
  9. How many kids do i want
  10. Do i want to get married

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Quiz topic: Am I Realy A Good Boyfriend?