Are you really in love?

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There are many people who think there really in love !! But really are you ? It's nice to think you are I know, after this quiz you will for 100% know If you are really in love xx

Is YOUR love true ? Do you ever have second thoughts ? Do u have deep feelings and thoughts in you relashion ship. Well in just a few minutes you will find out !! Xx

Created by: Loulana123

  1. What do u like about this person?
  2. What does he or she say about you ?
  3. Choose one word to describe your love.
  4. Chose one word to describe your love.
  5. How do u both show each other love?
  6. Plans for the future
  7. Plans for the future
  8. How many times a day do u tell the person you love them ?
  9. Choose one word to sum up this quiz
  10. Has this quiz helped you. (Are you really in love)

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Quiz topic: Am I really in love?