Are You Ready For A Cat

There are people in the world who think they can take care of cats. But then they get one and they cant take care of it. others can take care of a cat right of the bat. Cats are delicate creatures so we must remember to take care of them from now and forever.

Are you ready for a cat? do you have the loving heart to let one stay in your home as long as they live? You dont know! well then you should take this quiz and find out ony a few moments of your time it will take up. Enjoy!!!!

Created by: mrz. piggy

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  1. would you spend money on treats toys and cat food for your cat?
  2. how much attention would you give to your cat?
  3. if a cat hisses what does that mean?
  4. would you ever teach your cat tricks?
  5. what do cats like best?
  6. If a cat meows what does that mean?
  7. If a cat purr's what does that mean?
  8. can cats go for walks on a leash?
  9. If the cat is looseing weight,
  10. what kind of special treats could you feed your cat?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready For A Cat