Are you Paranoid?

A person that suffers from Paranoia are known as people who are taking things in the wrong way, and feel insulted by others. After a while they have developed a habit to take things negatively. People with Paranoia that lives in a relationship often gets into trouble because the partner might think she or he is not caring.

Many people I know is suffering from this, and I know quite alot about it. So feel free to take the quiz.. Oh, this quiz should not take more than 3-8 minutes, and this site does not save any information.

Created by: Chir

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  1. Do you feel that many people near you underestimates you which makes it hard for you to accept their compliments?
  2. Are you often watching people to make sure they won't hurt you?
  3. Do you often think about how your friends/partner sees you?
  4. Do you keep information to your self because you think people will use it against you?
  5. Do you take compliments in the wrong way(as threats/insults)?
  6. Do you find it hard to forgive people, and forget events?
  7. Do you feel that you need revenge when someone hurts you?
  8. When you are depressed, do you complain on your partner?
  9. Do you feel people are following you?
  10. Have you quit friendships because you think they have not been truthful to you?
  11. Do you feel many people see you as an enemy?
  12. Have you recognized people thinking you pay too much attentions to small details?
  13. I just wanted to excuse for my bad english.

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Quiz topic: Am I Paranoid?